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Whimsical Fantasies on Netflix

 Who enjoys good  Whimsical Fantasy shows?? We have binged watched so many Netflix shows lately, it was time to make another list for you all!!

1. The Shannara Chronicles

2. Viking Destiny

3. Legacies

4. Ice Fantasy

5. Dragon Heart Battle for the Heartfire

6. The little mermaid

7. Diablero

8. The New Legends of Monkey 

9. The Protector

10. Altered Carbon

11. Dark Matter

12. The 100

13. Black Mirror

14. Dracula

15. The Witcher

16. The Letter for the King


18. Locke & Key

How to Your Dragon

Kid’s Corner:

19. The Dragon Prince

10. How to Your Dragon Legend Series

What are you Favorite Fantasy Shows?

Let us know below in the comments!