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How to score CHEAP tickets for Sporting Events & Concerts

Everyone keeps asking how we get CHEAP tickets for the Buffalo Sabres game….. 

It’s super funny because last year we wanted to go to at least ONE Buffalo Sabres game. Now, we go pretty much every other week. Hey, when you score tickets for $38 in the 100 level, you go to games!

So here is how I score inexpensive tickets, step by step ( I expect invites when ya’ll purchase tickets 🤣😉).

Sign up for an Ebates account HERE ( you only have to do this once). You don’t HAVE to use my link but it gives you $10 free off your first purchase.

Next, Open a INCOGNITO website tab. THIS IS HUGE!!! 

It prevents prices from raising for the rest of us. It also gives you the CHEAPEST rate (because they want you to buy them NOW). 

Next search ticket providers on Ebates. I suggest VividSeats. Find your tickets. Level 100 are the best seats (IMO). 

Know your arena. For example in the Keybank Center: the lower “ROW”, the closer to the hockey glass you get.

Add to cart, put in your EMAIL (VERY important) and get to the Overview BEFORE checking out. DON”T CHECK OUT YET.

“X” out. 9 times out of 10 the ticket websites will give you a Coupon Code for 10% and up via your email within minutes up to the next day. It does not ALWAYS happen but I like to see if they will 😉

When they do, I repeat these steps above (incognito tab>>ebates>>viviseats>>find seats I want).

Add my “Coupon code” and purchase.

Because you have used Ebates, you get CASHBACK ( mine goes to my Paypal) Roughly 5-15% which is the tax or processing fee you paid back. I get the coupon discount because I waited for them to send me a code. I get great seats at a fraction of the price and because I used an incognito tab it will NOT raise ticket prices for the rest of you.

Now, Sometimes they don’t send a coupon code right away. I hope you found this helpful and score great deals in the future!!

What Sporting Event or Concert do you want to go to??

Let me know in the comments!