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Hosting Tips For Your Holiday Party

Of all the fun traditions that we look forward to every year, there are a few special ones including a

holiday party. This is where you can showcase the beauty of your home, get creative with decorations

and most importantly, make memories with your loved ones, friends, neighbors and friends from

childhood to the present. Of  course, when hosting your first holiday party, you’ll want to make sure

that you take these event planning skills to the next level. How can you make a wow factory and

memorable party? I’ve got a few fun tips below to help you, especially when it comes to make it one

to be talked about year after year. 

Stress Free Zone  – If you agreed to be the one to play hostess for your first holiday party, make sure that you make it as easy as possible so you don’t become overwhelmed. How to do this? The trick is to keep in mind why you are hosting a party in the first place. Fun remains the focus of this get together but also the importance of just being together. 

Make time for yourself as well throughout planning this gathering. To help ease your time, ask for help! If you have kids that are older, make sure they can get involved to help you in the festivities of decorating. 

Children naturally love lending a hand so incorporate them into baking cookies or frosting them for the party, stringing the lights on the banisters or cleaning up their toys. Not only is this a great way to help them feel important for getting involved but also eases your stress by giving them small simple tasks to do. Not only can they help put items up but they can also help put things away too like clearing the table, putting away the dishes in the dishwasher or sweeping the floor. 

Budget Budget Budget– There is no sense for your family to rack up debt for what’s supposed to be a few hours of fun with friends. Instead, there are several party stores and shops where you can find everything you need to make your party a success while also keeping a budget friendly party. For example, one way to find some great decor items can be to ask neighbors or friends if they have anything you could use. Check out great deals and steals when it come to cyber Monday or Black Friday too. Another great option could be to look at Facebook Market or any apps that have people selling items that they don’t want anymore. You’ll find affordable and items at a great price to add to your home and you won’t break the bank. Of course when it comes to your menu, you can always plan around holiday sales that the grocery store is using.Create delicious charcuterie boards to serve

 to friends and family and light snacks and treats as well.

Image: Premier Surfaces

Focus on Decor– Going along with budgeting, make sure that you focus on a

few core design items because less is truly more when it comes to decorating

your home. For instance, if you have a tree up it will most likely be your focal

point of your decoration. This can help highlight the elegance that your home

features too. Set the mood with pops of color like red and gold as well as small

flameless candles for a cozy theme around your fireplace or tree. Simple decor

is also a great way to bring in some festive ideas such as a vase full of seasonal

branches or a glass bowl of sparkly ornaments is simple but festive to put on top

of your counter tops. When we installed our counter tops there were so many

differentcolors of marble counter tops to choose from Premier Surfaces but it

made such a difference bringing everything together in our home. They offer such

a wide variety of counter tops to bring your vision of your kitchen or bathroom to

life and have incredible customer service to answer questions or concerns you

have, especially if you are thinking about upgrading during the holiday season.

This was a huge decision but made such a wow factor statement that it also

seems to be a great focus in our home when friends and family members come

for your gathering.

Enjoy Your Party – One of the biggest parts about hosting is

not just the decor and food that you put out for your guests but hosting in general.

You want to be there for your guests, mingling and enjoying yourself. Tag team

with a friend or partner to help you refill drink cups, food or make sure messes

get attended too if need be. This will also help ease your anxiety of hosting. Just

enjoy your party, enjoy your friends and loved ones and know that everything will

be wonderful. Your guests want you to succeed so I’m sure they will help you

every step of the way.

Are there any hosting tips you have for those that are

hosting for the first time?

Have you ever had something go wrong at a party and

was able to fix it? What ideas do you have that I haven’t shared?

I’d love to hear

in the comments below.!