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2019 Yearly Netflix Show Recap List

Every year we find more and more things to binge watch on Netflix. Here is a recap of all the great Show/movie lists we have created over the year!

12. Netflix makes the best Holiday Gift

11. 25+ Crime Documentaries on Netflix

10. 30 of the Creepiest Shows on Netflix

9. 25 Space related shows on Netflix

8. 15 Sport related Show/Movies on Netflix

7. 20 Delicious Foodie Shows on Netflix

6. 20+ Survival Shows on Netflix

5. 20 Steamy Romantic Comedies on Netflix

4. 25 Historical Shows on Netflix

3. 20 Hilarious Stand Up Comedians on Netflix

2. Netflix shows centered around Antiques

1. 10 Government themed Shows on Netflix

What is your favorite Netflix show this year?

What type of themed list should we do next??