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Holiday Gift Guide 2019

All gifts in this guide presented a sample for quality control to ensure the best suggestions were being given. I was not required to write a positive review nor was I compensated in any other way. The opinions I have expressed are my own. I am disclosing this in accordance with the FTC Regulations.

Christmas is fast approaching and we have been busy putting together a 2019 Holiday Gift Guide for you all! Who enjoys Christmas? Gift giving can be stressful so I thought I would try and give you some great ideas for your friends & Family! Each item in this gift guide has been hand selected. Several gift categories are being featured for this holiday season, hope you enjoy.

Everyone scans the small gadget display when looking for that one perfect gift. Or maybe you are like me and enjoy giving funny gifts! This section should help you fill those stockings with stuff your family and friends will love!

Bee Raw is a sustainable company all about protecting the honey bees and raising awareness. Their vials of honey are made of glass and sealed with a cork and beeswax. The honey is rich, thick, and delicious with no additives. Bee Raw’s website features a recipe section sharing different ways to use the honey. They not only carry honey to consume but also body products, the BUTCHWAX Plain Ol’ has a light scent of the Jojoba oil. It’s great for conditioning facial hair as well as hair, skin, and leather without leaving a greasy feeling.

Check them out <here>.

Being the extreme germaphobe that I am, PlaneAire surface & air purifying travel mist has become my go-to sanitizing product. I love that it is made with pure organic essential oils and that it does not contain synthetic chemicals, alcohol or bleach. The scent is fresh and clean. There is no need to use sanitizing wipes with our travels anymore. It is easy to use just spray and go. This doesn’t have to just be used for traveling but can be used while shopping as well. You can spray the cart handle and no more worries. Another benefit of this product is that it is safe to use around children. The size of the bottle is a perfect size that can fit in a purse or carry on bag. This product would make a great stocking filler or gift!

Check them out here.

Tussock Jumper small bottle wine collection is a great stocking filler! Choose from the following: Pinot Noir, a Chardonnay, a Malbec, and a Pinot Grigio from France, Argentina, and Italy. Maybe a sparkling Prosecco from Treviso, Italy (a personal favorite) is more appealing? Whether a gift under the tree or a bottle to bring to Festive gatherings you will not be disappointed!

Also check out Tussock Jumper’s AR app, each wine region’s ambassador ‘jumps’ off the bottle to help with wine pairings and recommendations.

Check them out <HERE>

These Demeter Foolproof Blending Sampler packs are full of a wide range of natural scents. Some of these I have never smelled as a perfume option before. If you ever wondered if the scent of grass or coffee would make a nice scent, this sampler pack is for you. The scents are nice and light. You can even mix scents together to create a new scent. I enjoy that these are customizable. These sets would make great Christmas gifts.

Check them out <HERE>

Velvet Caviar cases are made out of space-age materials that allow these cases to gently surround your phone to offer the highest level of protection without adding any extra bulk, any extra weight, or too much extra thickness, you will be protected from daily damage, dents, dings, and drops without having to sacrifice any style along the way.

Check other styles out <HERE>

Are you looking to spice up your cooking and boost your energy at the same time? Mighty sesame Tahini is versatile super food packed with benefits that can be used in an array of meals, snacks and desserts. Tahini is guaranteed to be loved by everyone; it’s organic, vegan, gluten- and dairy-free, kosher, and halal. Be sure to grab a few bottles next time you stop the grocery store, because just one won’t be enough.

Check them out <here>

There’s no better way to start or end your day than with a cup of Wissotzky Nana Tea. Every cup will take your taste buds on an adventure with a variety of flavors paired with delicious nana (spearmint) leaf. Enjoy a cup freshly steeped or over ice with cream and sugar as desired. You’ll be hooked on NANA after your first cup.

Check them out <HERE>.

AMIGO Games have been creating fun and immersive games for kids and families since 1980. These three pictured above would be a great addition to your stockings!

What the Heck?- A diabolically simple card game with plenty of strategy and bluffing, and just five rules.

L.L.A.M.A- a unique scoring system card game that has both strategy and risk to it.

More Stcoking fillers from AMIGO GAMES <HERE>

Shopping for ladies can be tricky. They often juggle many hats but no worries I am here to help. This year my guide includes everything from the Kitchen baristas, Mom jean wearing to fashion savvy business ladies. I believe you will find something for every one of the ladies on your list!

Featuring an exclusive Heirloom Garden print, designed by Portland, OR based illustrator Kate Blairstone. Extra long cuffs protect arms from light scratches, insect bites and sun exposure. Palms are made of synthetic leather with reinforced thumb and pointer finger. Lightweight cotton twill has a touch of spandex for extra flexibility. As someone who spend her Sunny days in the garden these are the perfect yet thoughtful gift!!

Get a pair <HERE>

Life is busy. Whether it’s a cocktail party, family gathering, school formal, wedding, graduation, birthday party, fancy dinner, bachelorette party or big night out, there’s always something to attend — and you’ve always got to look the part. Finding the perfect dress for so many different events can be nothing short of daunting, but Faviana is here to make sure you look beautiful for every occasion in your life.

Check the Faviana website out <HERE>

Searching for the perfect gift for your employees? Look no further! Auburn Jewelry can craft a custom piece of jewelry featuring your company’s logo, perfect for both men and women. They can transform your logo into a keychain, cufflinks or pendants, as seen in the image on the right. Pieces are available in sterling silver, 14k gold, and 16 gorgeous colors, with custom colors available upon request!

More Auburn Jewelry <HERE>

Mionetto has always been a modern and innovative winery able to anticipate trends while maintaining at the same time a strong bond with the traditions of its homeland, a feature which still today sets it apart from other sparkling wine producers. Prosecco is a premium and prized wine for its combination of refreshing lightness and yet complexity of flavor. With its fine bubbles and a food-friendly low alcohol content (around 11%), the Prosecco is versatile. It can be enjoyed on its own as an aperitif, throughout an entire meal or in cocktails.

More wines <HERE>

Ready to make your home smell as beautiful as the season? The Aera Diffuser is safe, clean and fun to use. Ultra-tiny scent molecules fill a space with even, livable fragrance. Turn on and off, change, or adjust fragrance strength instantly. Use the app to schedule fragrance to play just as you wish, when you wish. 

More details & products <HERE>

Every woman deserves a way to pamper themselves. Often times we are too busy caring for others to do simple things for ourselves. Papillion Certified organic Camellia oil and Eyelash serum are a must have for any special lady in your life. The Camellia Oil is packed with oleic acid, antioxidants and anti aging plant collagens and minerals to help condition, nourish and protect your skin. It will leave skin feeling soft and not greasy because it absorbs quickly into your skin. The Eyelash Serum will do nothing but boost confidence by moisturizing your lashes and giving them the essential vitamins and oils they need to grow in longer, thicker and fuller. Both products are sure to make your skin and lashes look and feel healthy, moisturized and beautiful.

Check them out <HERE>

Every woman needs the perfect coatigan in their wardrobe. Figleaves Merino and Yak coatigan is like no other because of how versatile it is. Warmer than a cardigan and lighter than a coat it is ideal for any situation. Whether you’re lounging at home or taking a trip to the store, you will be doing it comfortably and in style. Be sure to hand wash seperately. Because of the delicate nature of the fabric (64% Wool, 22% Nylon, 10% Yak 4% Elastane) the garment will pill over time.

Check out these awesome coatigan <here>

Original Grain is the premier maker of wood and steel watches. 

Partnering with Trees for the Future, Original Grain has planted one tree for every watch sold since 2015, helping to foster sustainability and empowerment. This year I selected the AVALON 34MM CELESTE All-Natural White Ash Wood and Denim Blue Genuine Leather band. It’s the perfect gift for the business Savvy to the Eco-friendly activist! 

Check out more Original Grain Watch styles <HERE>

We might have never met but let me share something personal. I love wine. Not for excessive drinking purposes. Simply a glass with dinner or for dessert might just be what the “doctor” ordered! Through my travels, both on Press Trips for work or on our own, we have enjoyed countless winery tastings. With such extensive research I have to say gifting a bottle of wine is not only personal but truly thoughtful. When invited over to Holiday parties you will find me carrying a bottle of my favorite beverage to share with the hosts. This year I have included several of the wines I have enjoy throughout the year. If you are interested in reading some of my wine reviews featuring the wines pictured above check them out <HERE>

28 Collective offers a variety of personalized gifts including cutting boards, serving trays, glassware, bags, wall art, baby gifts and more. They take pride in our products. Each and every order is hand-selected and personalized by real people to ensure that you and your gift recipient receive the highest quality product.

Check out all of their wonderful products <HERE>

Rocksbox jewelry is a great gift for that special someone who love to change jewelry. Rocksbox jewelry is an online jeweler who will send you 3 pieces of jewelry a month for a small monthly fee to enjoy for a short while then return for new pieces. If you fall in love with a piece you can purchase it and the monthly fee will be applied towards the pieces price. This is a great way to try something new every month!

Check them out <here>

A great gift for the Baker in your life would have to be this beautiful rolling pin from Embossed. It creates a unique pattern and can be used for cookies or pies. There are many different patterns and comes from a giving company. 15% of all profits are donated to charities that provide nutritious food to impoverished communities!

Check them out <here>

Heat Holders are specially developed with cashmere-like acrylic yarn which provides high performance insulation against the cold with superior moisture breathing abilities. Your feet are staying warm and dry all day. With Heat Holders, you can give the perfect gift of warmth! Heat Holders® hats, gloves, or socks make for a fun and thoughtful stocking stuffer, or the perfect holiday gift for a loved one, friend or colleague.

Check them out <HERE>

If you are shopping for someone that enjoys aromatherapy, SCENTERED is who you should turn to. They have such a great selection of candles and therapy balms all designed to help with restoring lifestyle balance naturally. Their products are 100% natural and all packaging is designed in line with the brand’s Re-use, re-purpose and recycle mantra. These products have such a fresh and natural fragrance that won’t overpower. 

More products <here>

If you are searching for a gift for an aromatherapy lover, goddess garden organics has an amazing gift to offer. This stylish bracelet is made of lava rock and howlite. Just add a few drops of their organic oils to the bracelet and put it on your wrist and go. The pick-me-up blend is perfect for days when you are feeling tired. This blend will help to “put some pep in your step” and is made with all organic oils.

Check the collection out <here>

A nice gift for the coffee lovers would have to be from steeped coffee. This coffee is made in Santa Cruz, California using renewable and comparable materials. Just like a teabag you add it to a cup of hot water and enjoy. Perfect for on the go and those days you are in a hurry. They offer many different blends that are freshly ground and nitro sealed.

Check their products out <here>

Let’s get to the point. As we age, we lose collagen and elastin, the building blocks of radiant skin. MesoLyft’s micro-needles and serum condition the skin’s surface for a non-invasive boost back to beautiful. It utilizes very fine and barely-there micro-needles along with an attached tube containing a cocktail serum to condition the skin’s surface, preparing it to absorb the goodness in each serum for a non-invasive boost back to healthy and beautiful.

Check out the line <here>

Workman is celebrating 40 years. Their 1000 Places To See Before You Die calendar features a different beautiful location each month with interesting facts and a map. This wall calendar offers a large grid with daily pictures of images some common and some not so known with details on each. Workman doesn’t only offer calendars but also offers books in a range of topics and one day at a time and page a week tablets allowing for you to be more organized. The Tiny Pleasures Sticky Notes is a book of sticky notes – different sizes – whether you are marking your place in a book or placing a note on the fridge you are covered. Check them out <HERE>

DIY Stitch People book Great book for beginners to intermediate in cross-stitching. The beginning starts out with a how to on how to use the book including a step by step guide on getting started with cross stitching. From head portraits to bodies – no more stick figures. Are your kids on a sports team, are you pregnant, does your daughter have bangs and wears her hair down while you prefer it up? And don’t forget your pets in your family. Create a memorable heirloom on of your family to share for years to come. 

Check them out <HERE> 

This category can be great for your professional businessman, tech savvy, outdoorsy, sport fan or couch potato in your life! I have selected several gift ideas in all different price points.  

Have a Sports fan on your Shopping list?? Original Grain has a wide selection of seamlessly integrated wood and steel watches. These wooden masterpieces are made for people who don’t just have somewhere to be, they have somewhere to go! This year I am featuring the MLB Yankee Barrel watch features Reclaimed Ash Wood Baseball Bats. Its set with a Water Resistant Casing and SONY SR626SW Lithium-ion battery. Perfect for game day or every day wear. 

More Original Grain watch styles, designs & colors <HERE>

Redneck Roadkill comes in three varieties:  Bo Skeeterz Tow Truck, Raging Bull Pickup Truck and Daisy Jo’s Camel Tow(ing), and again, there are Tailgate Edition Zombie Roadkill Escape editions  – and please note that only one varmint was killed in the creation of Redneck Roadkill and we do not support violence against critters, mascots or zombies.

 Check out more Redneck Roadkill vehicles <HERE>

Who has sore muscles?? Oh, my gifting these fabulous products from Biggs & Featherbelle will bring your friends and family so much joy!! They create safe, all-natural, free of additives, synthetics, and scented with only pure essential oiled gifts. They strive to make products that are created for specific skin types, smell too good to be true and appeal to everybody. My personal favorite is the muscle bath soak, HIGHLY recommend!!

Check out their product line <HERE>

If you are trying to find a unique gift for a sports lover then look no further. MasterPieces is a toy company that specializes in jigsaw puzzles, wooden crafts, games and sports licensed products. They have so many different options to choose from and all their products are great quality for a great price.

Check them out <here>

There is something about being in the trenches of parenthood that makes one crave the pick-me-up of coffee.  The Civilized Coffee Co. Cold brew & french press set is the perfect gift for the coffee enthusiast. Cold brew has swept the American pallet with pronounced smooth and bold flavors.   Brewing a cup at home is easier than ever with the right coffee blend and a personal french press.   Civilized Coffee encourages us all to share the love of coffee and conversation. 

Check them out <here>

The Sawyer Utility Bracelet is designed to bring you daily functionality, and everyday carry, in a rugged, durable accessory that stylishly blends with a casual or sporty wardrobe. . The stainless steel components are precision crafted in China. The leather band is hand-made in the USA. The final piece is hand-assembled in Southern California. Each piece is polished and carefully gift boxed before shipping. Sawyer makes a great gift for bikers, hikers, hunters, campers and fishers, who need handy utility always within reach.

Check them out <here>

Airfree Air Purifiers reduce microbiological contamination in the air naturally, without using chemicals or filters.  Airfree’s exclusive technology works by eliminating microorganisms as bacteria, viruses, mold, dust mist allergens, pet dander allergens, using heat, destroying them in a fraction of a second. 

The Black Friday sale will begin at 12:01 AM EST on Friday, November 22, 2019 and will end on Monday, December 1, 2019 at 11:59 PM EST. The featured Black Friday sale item is: 40% Off – Airfree Iris 3000 Buy for: $197.00

Check Airfree Air Purifier <HERE>

HALF DAY is a company selling CBD products to help promote physical and mental awareness with their trustworthy high-quality hemp-derived products. They are dedicated to working with the American Farmers and Processors. HALF DAYS Salve is used for aches and pains, a little amount goes a long way and the sweet smell of eucalyptus. I used some before bed and woke up not stiff at all. The HALF DAY CBD Gummies Blissful Berry tastes like a delicious fruit punch. They also carry different flavored oils. The Full Spectrum CBD Oil has a mint flavor to it. I like to add it to my water, it helps me to calm my anxiety. Check out all their products <HERE>.

DEBLOCKLE DEBOCKLE is a game of strategy and patience. Reminds me of checkers trying to get all your pieces to the other side of the board before your opponent but you must use strategy like in chess. Thinking before you make each move, not only do you need to get to the other side but each turn of your block effects your next move. 

Grab this entertaining game<HERE>

The Yatir Winery vineyards are planted at an altitude of up to 900 meters above sea level and are scattered across various locations in the forest. The plots in these vineyards have varying soil compositions, with different slants and angles. Gift this beautifully crafted set this Holiday Season. 

The Yatir Winery is one of Israel’s first wineries to have planted and produced wine from this challenging variety, originating in cool regions of the northern Rhone Valley.

Check the Yatir Wines out<HERE>

 Charles Fazzino, considered the “Master of 3D Pop Art®”, is known for his bright, whimsical and wonderfully-detailed works, all of which are created in his signature 3D pop art style. His artwork incorporates influence from urban landscapes, sporting events, popular culture, and modern celebrities. These puzzles consist of 300 pieces or 1000 pieces and are poster sized puzzles.  

Check them out <HERE>

As a Mom myself I shop for a little one. He changes what he wants daily. I hope this guide for kids help give you some ideas you may not have thought of. We all know kids enjoy toys but I like to give more than just toys.

The Osmo starter kit is a must have for any school age child.  The system works with your ipad to create an interactive learning space for your child.  It bridges the gap between play and technology, allowing your child to learn, play and use Osmo to bring that world to life!   Osmo has many different expansions making it a great gadget that will grow with your childs’ interests! 

Shop for the Osmo Start Kit <HERE>

If you know someone who loves paper airplanes and gadgets, the product you are looking for is the PowerUp3.0 by PowerUp Toys. All you have to do is make an airplane and attach the Power Up device. For up to 10 minutes you can control your plane by using your smart phone! It makes you feel like a kid again but with a modern twist.

Check them out <here>

Gigantisaurus is the biggest, scariest, loudest dinosaur to roam the earth. He may seem rough and tough but he is always looking out for his four small dinosaur friends. Based on Disney Jr’s hit tv show, every kid is sure to love him. This awesome toy roars, stomps and is sure to make playtime a blast for any child.

Check Gigantisaurus out <HERE>

Blue Orange Games, has been publishing award-winning games for over 18 years. They prioritize quality and durability, and pledge to make games that will stand the test of time. Making sure each and every game is easy to learn, fun to play, and engaging for all- it’s our not-so-secret formula to success! Many of their games help children build important skills such as dexterity, memory, math, logic, and cooperation. They are a shining example of what encouraging old Fashion fun (for all ages) looks like.

Check their games out <HERE>

 Griddly Games specialize in creating STEM, Steam board games and science kits. They center around Science, Technology, Engineering, Arts and Math. Making playtime into an unforgettable, fun learning experience. STEAM subjects from a young age can set up children for success. What better way to do it than by turning into a game?

Check these games out and more <HERE>

Even Fifi enjoys bath day with Minnie’s pet bath play set. A real, working sprayer and faucet makes the most of this tub time opportunity. Watch what happens when Fifi changes color in warm water!

Check it out <HERE>

Looking for a fun new game for game night? Check out the Root Beer Float Challenge Game. Everyone likes challenges! This game is full of challenges and excitement for ages 8 and up. Collect all ingredients to win! This is sure to be fun and unique and a reasonable priced gift for the kids and families on your list! The Root Beer Float Challenge game <here>

Number one on my 8 year olds list this year—- Ben 10 ! The Ben 10 series has toys! Great for the Ben 10 TV show lover or the alien obsessed child! Ben uses his Omnitrix to transform into Aliens and fight bad guys. Now your child can too! Grab this Omnitrix and some actions figures , and your child will be in play mode for hours. These toys,  and more from the Ben 10 series can be found online and in stores.

AMIGO Games is known for producing games that feature high quality components, excellent game play, and themes that resonate with consumers—all at a fair price! I would be remiss if I didn’t include more of their games in my Guide this year. From on the go to sitting at the table and having a game night there is literally something for everyone!

Scope out more AMIGO Games <HERE>

NHL Big Sip water bottles are shaped like hockey players! The Pittsburgh Penguins Big Sip holds 16oz of water, juice, soda, or any cold beverage. The top twists off so you can pour your favorite drink inside. Includes a reusable straw and stop cap. My son is such a big Hockey fan and this is going right under the tree for him!!

More styles <HERE>

In Baby Secrets Series 3 merbabies treasure keepers and series 4 itsy glitsy, your child will find even more fun baby treaures! The babies dip in water to reveal their gender with a color changing diaper!   The merbabies series has real swimming surprise merbabies that are so trendy and can fit in a pocket or bag for easy play! Check them out <HERE>

The Series 3 Twisty Petz “Swoonicorn Unicorn” turns into jewelry makes my Daughter’s dreams come true! I couldn’t get a picture of the cute packaging because my Daughter opened it before I could snap a picture fast enough. My Daughter immediately noticed that the colors are vibrant and that the jewels are swirly. I enjoy how easily it converts from the unicorn to a bracelet. These are the perfect size for stocking stuffers.

Check them out <HERE>

If you are looking for a gift for a child then Bigiggles is your answer! These cute critters with big eyes will provide hours of entertainment. They giggle when tickled and their head bobbles. You can change the pitch of their voice and they can repeat what you say. Bigiggles are your take along friends!

Get ready to race with Micro Wheels Garage & Stunt Packs. They are amazingly compact motorized vehicles that are garenteed to amaze you with their speed and gravity defying stunts. What car will you discover inside your garage? Will it be flashy and metallic? glow in the dark? or maybe even a translucent car? The fun is endless.

Check them out <HERE>

Hasn’t every child wanted to be a secret ninja at one time or another?  I know mine has! …and what is more secret than a surprise  Boxed Warrior!?   The secret reveal of your boxed warrior is as simple as opening the box.  The box is shaped just like a real warehouse crate and houses one of 13 warriors!  You also have the chance to get the extremely rare “Golden Sir Bashalot!” 

Check them out <HERE>

SlimyGoop Slimy Sand is the perfect gift for all kids. You can mold it, stretch it, and play with it so many different ways. Slimy Sand is sure to be every parent’s favorite because it will provide endless sensory fun without the extra mess.

Wild Hair Creatures of Legends & Lore are collectible figurines are unique compared to other figurines on the market. Each Hair Creature comes in an adorable box based on where the creature is from. On the back of each box there is a description of each creature and the Legend of the creature. My Daughter’s favorite feature of each creature was that each creature had a fun and unique hairstyle. These creatures will make a great gift for all ages. 

Check out Wild Hair Creatures of Legends & Lore <HERE>

HAIRDOOZ This cute little bottle contains everything your little one needs to have a hair salon party with the doll inside. Peel off the wrapper and twist the bottle open to discover which doll is inside. Complete with a dryer, cape, chair, and doll. Remove the dryer first to discover the hair and then the cape to see the outfit. Pull out the doll with her chair and do her doo. Collect them all, try to get the rare color changing hair as well. Once complete flip the chair and it suctions to a mirror or just about anywhere.

Looking for a toy for a boy 3years and older? Demo Duke is your toy! With over 100 phrases and sounds Demo Duke will keep you entertained for hours. You can crash him and fix him again and again. It’s the perfect toy for the special boy in your life!

Check a Demo Duke truck <HERE>

The Princess fashion dolls are ready for shimmering adventures with your little princess! Wearing her classic outfit with a new twist, Royal Shimmer dazzles in a signature-colored gowns with glitter print details. Your little dreamer will love playing out magical moments from Disney’s movies, as well as imagining her own fairy tale.

Any Frozen lovers in your house ? I know we have some in mine! My girls LOVE Frozen, everything Frozen— and they LOVE bath bombs. This is the cutest , educational and creative Frozen II Kit!  Packed with science and STEM information about creating your very own Frozen Bath Bombs. Supplies are included as well. From simple to advanced experiments , this “ Make Your Own Bath Bomb Kit” is perfect for many ages.  A fun and educational gift for all the Frozen fans!  

Kits found <here>

This new gizmo – RIZMO is going to be such a hot toy this holiday season. Think Hatchimal meets the “gremlins” from outer space! This is a fun, interactive and engaging toy that talks, sings and much more. It has 3 evolving stages: baby, kid and then to it’s fully evolved form with more fun play modes! These are going to FLY off the shelf this holiday season. Check this hot toy off of your list early this year.

Check them out <here>