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Fighting my Gray Hair with Gray Away

This post was a sponsored “Fighting my Gray Hair with Gray Away” post as part of an Influencer Activation and all opinions expressed in my post are my own.

Gray Hair with Gray Away

I first noticed gray hair when I was 25. I was a Mom to a one year old, coming off two rounds of radiation. I’m not sure if it was stress, genetics or the medical treatments my body experienced but my hair grayed early (IMO). Just a few strands didn’t seem like much and a simple pluck would do. Now in my early thirties my hair resembles a more unwanted “Salt n Pepper” tone in color. Unlike the musical group, I dread the grays. Often people comment to “embrace them”. Trust when I say nothing nice comes to mind in response so I just keep quiet about my inner grey hair battle.

Fighting my Gray Hair with Gray Away

Until now, I never thought a product could help. Salon visits just never did the trick and home dying my hair really took a toll on it’s health. Luckily, I was introduced to Gray Away. It offers an affordable, salon-quality root concealer product that you can use in the privacy of your own home. Combine the Root Touch-Up Quick Stick with the Temporary Root Concealer Spray and I can quickly touch up gray roots on the go anywhere.


From Hockey games to Press Trips, I don’t always have time for several hour long hair salon sessions. Truth be told when I did get my hair professionally dyed it lasted a mere week. Gray hair is a natural part of getting older, I am aware but for me it means so much more. Gray hair makes me feel so insecure. Trust me, I have mastered all the tricks to hiding my gray hair! From wearing ball caps, to flashy scarves and sunglasses on my head to detour any one’s eyes from the shiny hairs intertwined on my head.

Product application

Want to give the Gray Away Root Touch-Up Quick Stick a try? Just apply to your root at the hairline and even eyebrows! It is dual-ended with an angled tip for precise application and a sponge tip for effortless blending. I found these two must-haves at our local ULTA Beauty store. Like I have stated you would never guess that my hair is almost more gray than dark brown these days. I keep up on maintaining the color I want. No more Salon visits for me!

Fighting my Gray Hair with Gray Away pin for later

 Gray Away is affordable and so easy to apply, I honestly recommend giving it a try if you are struggling with gray hair. I personally use the Black/Dark brown color. They have several different shades you can choose from. I first used the lighter brown version but found I could blend out the darker color better. At what age did you get your first Gray hair?? Hope you found this Fighting my Gray Hair with Gray Away post helpful.



  1. Stephanie
    November 15, 2019 / 4:11 pm

    I just noticed my hair starting to turn grey. Your hair looks great so I'm going to have to give this a try.

  2. Suzy
    November 15, 2019 / 4:30 pm

    Your hair looks really good! I need to give this a try!

  3. Valerie
    November 15, 2019 / 5:02 pm

    Grays seem to pop up so quickly. This product sounds super convenient and easy to use.

  4. beckyhardin
    November 16, 2019 / 2:13 pm

    Well, I may need a case of this. lol Looks like this would be super easy to use too.