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Are you in the Market for a Quality Instrument: Our experience with Yamaha

When my little guy was four years old, he wanted to play the violin . In fact, the picture above was the first time he laid his hands on a Yamaha violin. It was so small but he wanted to learn. We would jam out to artists like Lindsey Stirling dreaming of the day he would preform. 

This sponsored post was in partnership with Yamaha. All opinions and experiences expressed are my own. I was not required to give a positive review in any way. 

Just plucking along, learning his craft and learning to read music. One evening his teacher hung candy canes on his violin, helping him to learn balance. It’s silly stories of his toddler years I remember most.

Now that he is in Middle school, he can finally join Orchestra. We are so excited to share all his experiences. From “hot cross buns” to “Marie had a little lamb” presentations. Just like any sport it’s a commitment. One he seems to be taking very seriously. He asks to practice instead of us reminding him. When he comes home from lessons he is excited to show off what he has learned. The school has provided lessons but it was obvious he needed his own instrument.

We choose the Yamaha AV 5, you can check it out on their website here. I could not recommend a Yamaha store fitting and instrument enough. It’s extremely easy and affordable. Are you in the market for a quality instrument? Make sure to look at their wide selection of musical instruments!

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Did you play an instrument when you were young, if so which??

What is your child wanting to play??



  1. Wren LaPorte
    October 26, 2019 / 5:58 pm

    This violin is amazing and I love it! Such great quality! I have grown up with instruments and my daughters are recently showing interest in guitar and drums and Yamaha was what was always in my home growing up.

  2. Natasha Mairs - Serenity You
    October 27, 2019 / 11:45 am

    My 10 year old daughter play a violin at her school. She has been playing for just over a year now and is coming along brilliantly.

  3. Annemarie LeBlanc
    October 27, 2019 / 1:22 pm

    I played the piano when I was a little girl. I always wanted to learn how to play the guitar but my parents said guitars are a boy thing, so they opted that I learn to play the piano instead. Yamaha is a good choice for musical instruments and I am happy you got your son a great brand for his first violin.

  4. Gill Trotman
    October 27, 2019 / 10:05 pm

    I've never attempted to play the Violin, but I have given guitar a try once or twice and I have to say the Yamaha acoustic guitars are of my favorite to play! Thanks for sharing!

  5. Kristine Nicole Alessandra
    October 28, 2019 / 1:28 am

    Yamaha is a good brand when choosing a musical instrument. I used to have a Yamaha guitar but I gave it to my cousin's son who really wanted to learn to play the guitar but did not have the means to buy one.

  6. Maysz
    October 28, 2019 / 1:56 am

    I love playing music instrument like base drums and guitars but I don't know how to play violin and I would love to learn Violin someday! Yamaha is a good choice for musical instruments I've heard this before.

  7. Pooja Sharma
    November 5, 2019 / 6:01 am

    I love music instruments but scared of playing them!! Always felt like it need lot of focus and devotion. My son loves playing rums but is still learning.

  8. Lyosha Varezhkina
    November 5, 2019 / 9:07 am

    I don't play any musical instrument but I love to listen to classics. This violin looks beautiful, I am glad you all liked it