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30 of the Creepiest Shows on Netflix

Frederica Church Cemetery

Do you enjoy being scared? The sensation of your hair standing up on the back of your neck is infectious! Netflix has so many Creepy flicks, What should you watch?? Here are some of our personal favorite recommends:

1. Bird Box- if you have not seen a meme about this Sandra bullock movie where have you been?? We had the pleasure of watching it before it became “Facebook Ad” famous. It has good plot direction, it was suspenseful and creepy!

2. Flinch

3. Dead to Me

4. The Haunting of Hill House

5. Conversations with a killer The Ted Bundy Tapes

6. The Boy

7. Before I Wake

8. Little Evil

9.Death Note

10.Paranormal Survivor

11. Haunted

12. World’s Weirdest Homes

13. The Monster

14. 47 Meters Down

15. Ghost Ship

Frederica Church & Cemetery

16. Final Destination- I am throwing it back to my childhood recommending these movies! It has been a whole hot minute since I have watched these action packed, jump out of your seat flicks!! When i saw these added I knew we had to do a little throwback binge session!

17. The Disappointments Room

18. Scream

19. Poltergeist

20. American Horror Story

21. Await Further Instructions

22. Hold the Dark

23. Cargo

24. Day of the Dead

25. We are not Alone

26. Into the Forest

27. I am a Killer

28. Creeped Out

29. The Originals

Kid’s Corner:

30. Coraline

31. Goosebumps

32. A Series of Unfortunate Events

What Creepy Show/Movie do you enjoy on Netflix?

What is your favorite Throwback Horror Flick? 

Let us know in the comments!