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Halloween Horror Nights at Universal Studios Orlando, Florida

 If you are a Halloween lover like me you may have seen Haunted Houses at Halloween Horror Nights at Universal Studios Orlando, Florida advertised. I wanted to give you my opinion because after a visit I have been itching to go back and experience them again! I would suggest getting your tickets online and arriving at Universal Early. This is a VERY popular event.

Hotel magic Orlando, Florida

When traveling I always try and find a great hotel close to the events I will be experiencing. I usually search for hotels with: “Airport/attraction shuttle”, “Complimentary breakfast” etc. This trip I stayed at the beautiful Magic Moment Resort! Palm trees, friendly staff, affordable price and it was conveniently located near Universal Studios and Disney!

Universal Studio Orlando, Florida

I don’t care how many times I walk into the Wizarding World…each time is special! When you go to the Halloween Horror Nights the Wizarding World is open. I will say it is pretty neat walking around at night time. Just be aware it’s popular so crowds do tend to flock in the stores.

Halloween Horror Nights at Universal Studio Orlando, Florida

Before the sunset may of the workers are dressed up in character. Honestly, it was rare that they would break character (props to them). Most will not stand for a photo it can be known to happen. This particular capture (above) happened after I was taking with my friend and turned to see why he hadn’t answered me. This lovely fellow was standing next to me in his place. We both had a good laugh about it but I’m sure my son might have wet himself (he HATES being scared).

Universal Studio

 We rated each Haunted House setup in the park based on a “Scare rating”. I usually do not “jump” because while I love the idea of being scared (sort of) I rarely jump because of it. When I did I would fist pump the workers and tell they “got me” (three times in total for the night, thank you)! In 2017, my Scare ratings of the Haunted Houses – were as follows

 1. Blumhouse

2. Dead Waters

3. Scarecrow

4. Ashh Evil

*Again these were based off props, cast, details and if I person all got scared or not.

**Hive- was not even rated on my list…

Halloween Horror Nights

If you visit I urge you to Play this little Scare rating game with your friends. I think it really makes you appreciate all the work that goes into these Haunted Houses and everyone can have fun discussing their experiences!

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Who wants to go to the next Halloween Horror Nights at Universal Studios Orlando in Florida?