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Easy to make Honey Mustard Chicken Salad Sandwich

Every day my spouse and I sneak a little lunch date into our rather busy work schedules. Sometimes we go out to eat, grab take out or make lunch at home. I run out of ideas so I opted to activate our Home Chef accountfor some inspiration! I love the quality of the ingredients and the recipe ideas. This particular lunch idea is an inspired recipe with our own twist. I hope you enjoy it!! If you are interested in Home Chef I will leave you my referral links, which scores you a $30 credit off your first purchase! The best part…they delivery everything you need right to your door, no grocery shopping required! You can easily pause or deactivate your account like we do and nothing is charged!

We hope you enjoy this tasty lunch idea as much as we do and if you have great recipe ideas let us know in the comments below!!

What you will need:

Honey Mustard Dressing ( I prefer the Kraft version here)

Sliced Mozzarella 

6 oz. bagged Roasted Chicken Breast (cooked chicken will work as well)

½ oz. Sliced Almonds 

2 Pretzel Buns 

½ oz. Baby Spinach

This makes two sandwiches but you can easily make more or less depending on your needs!

 Toast your bread buns until they are warmed, around 1-2 minutes. I used microwaveable roasted chicken ( you can find it at any grocery store) but you can use cooked chicken as well.

 Combine chicken, honey mustard, and almonds in a bowl.

  Place cheese and spinach on bottom bun. 

 Then add your dressing and chicken…it’s that easy!!

Let us know if you try this recipe out!

Do you have a favorite kind of Honey Mustard Dressing??