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25 Space related shows on Netflix

Space exploration has been at the forefront of our minds. My son is pretty into anything space related after visiting National Air and Space Museum in Fairfax, Virginia. Traveling in space fuels our imaginations from early ages. We live in a world that has traveled in space, explored planets and continues the push to find other life forms. Enjoy 25 of these Space related shows/movies on Netflix.

1. The Farthest Voyage in Space

2. Space Dealers

3. The last man on the Moon

 4. Cosmodrome

5. Edge of the Universe

6. Lost in Space

7. Horizon Secrets of the Universe


9. Apollo 13

10. The Beyond

11. One Strange Rock

 12. 2036 Origin Unknown

13. The Cloverfield paradox

14. Blue Planet 11

15. Apollo 18

16. Our Planet

17. Top 10 Secrets and Mysteries

18. 10 Last on Earth

19. Moon

20. Mission Control

21. The Mars Generation

Kid’s Corner:

22. Space Buddies

23. Meet the Robinsons

24. Planet 51

25. Next Gen

What are your favorite Space related movies/shows??