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15 Sport related Show/Movies on Netflix

As you may know my family is a full fledged Hockey family. When my son got into the sport he was mentored by his favorite goalie on our local team. Who just so happened to mention we should watch the movie Miracle on Ice. Luckily, it was on Netflix!! We have now seen it a dozen times. When I got the invite to visit Lake Placid, NY it seemed only fitting we visit the arena filmed in the movie.

 Walking down the same Olympic hallways and viewing the ice is pretty surreal! These young hockey athletes won at the 1980 Olympics when the USA needed it most. It’s not just about a movie, or about our love for hockey, it’s so much more. They showed the world what you can do when you dream big. They are still inspiring generations. We saw it first hand in our son!! 

Enjoy sports? Here are a list of sport related shows on Netflix I think you will enjoy.

 1. Disney Miracle on Ice

2. 42 A true story about a sports legend

3. Carter High

4. All American- We watched this and it was so addicting!!


5. FallOut

6. The Longest Shots

7. Goon

8. The Carter Effect

9. Undefeated

10. Iverson

 11. Nitro Circus

12. Raising the Bar

13. The Fighter

14. Winning

15. Forever the Moment

What is your favorite Sport movie??