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Letchworth State Park in Western, NY

Have you ever seen the show Rock the Park?? It hosts Jack Steward and Colton Smithtaps who are on a mission to explore every National Park in America?? After binge watching the show on Netflix (when it was on Netflix, ahem!) my little guy and I got the State Park exploration bug. Luckily for us we have several New York State Parks rather close to us! 

Today I’m sharing our exploration of Letchworth State Park in Western, NY

There are a few ways to enter this particular State Park. The last few visits though many have been “Under Construction”. If you plan to visit, call ahead and make sure the waterfall trails are open. We once went all the way out and found they were both closed.

The fee to get in is relatively inexpensive. They have maps you can use to drive the roughly 17 mile long road, following the course of the Genesee River. 

This park is easy to navigate but it does require walking shoes. Especially if you want to see the picturesque Waterfalls I’m about to show you.

 The paths are marked and easy to find. 

 The park centers around three major waterfalls within it’s territory. Some cliffs are said to be as high as 600 feet in some places! Wearing appropriate walking attire is vital here. The trails do require you to “hike” them. While you don’t have to climb they do have several uneven rock stairs for you to use. Take your time and work as a team if you bring your littles along! 

I remember standing at this view(pictured above) and thinking about a particular quote by Ansel Adams:

“I believe the world is incomprehensibly beautiful — an endless prospect of magic & wonder” 

I would highly recommend a visit if you are in the area. 

We have plans to visit many more State Parks so I will keep you posted. If you have a park you think we would be interested in visiting, leave us a comment here or on Social Media!

Have you ever visited a New York State Park?

If so, which one, let us know in the Comments below!!


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