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20 Delicious Foodie Shows on Netflix

Delicious Foodie Shows

From delicious masterpieces made by talented Chef’s to Kitchen Nightmares I love watching the drama. Here are delicious foodie Shows on Netflix I think you will all enjoy!

1. the Big Family Cooking Showdown

2. The Final Table

3. What the Health

4. Forks over Knives

5. The Great British Baking Show

6. The Truth about Alcohol

7. Mega Food

 Foodie Shows

8. Chef’s table

9. The Wild Chef

10. Sugar Rush

11. Somebody Feed Phil

12. Ugly Delicious

13. Food, Booze & Tattoos

 Foodie Show on Netflix

14. Sustainable

15. In Defense of Food

16. Chef Vs. Science

17. Zumbo’s Just Dessert

18. Why are we getting so Fat

19. Rotten

20. Nailed it

20 Delicious Foodie Shows on Netflix

What foodie Shows do you enjoy?

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