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How to Take Small children on a Road Trip

 We often get asked how do we travel so much with our son. I wish I had a magic formula but I think experience really played a huge part. We have been traveling with him since he was a baby and each trip we learn what works for our family. I am rather excited to pass along some tips! They come in extremely helpful when taking long car rides:

Tip #1: Choose hours that you child can sleep whilst you drive. We left at 1a m and he slept until about 7am the first day. Now if you don’t like those hour move on to step two. Pack a Snack bag!! I don’t know about you but I get cranky when I’m hungry. So avoid unnecessary whining and spending with a simple reusable bag and load it full of snacks.

Tip #2: Make a GO-TO Travel bin ( Here is how I made ours, Click here). I grab a inexpensive bin (it is going to be joggled around in the car no need to splurge) from Dollar Tree. A few activities my son can do whilst we drive. Spelling words with Magnetized letters, games, crayons and coloring books!

Tip #3: Try giving them snacks that will not make them overly thirsty. I pack an assortment of snacks including grapes, apple slices, celery sticks, cheese bites, granola bars and raisins. I also have bottles of water on hand just in case he does get thirsty. I usually purchase the small bottles so he doesn’t have to go to the bathroom frequently but still get hydrated. 

Tip #4: Every few hours (maybe whilst you are refueling) let them out! Yes, find a grassy patch and let them run, explore. This five minute stop will have them refreshed, exhausted if you encourage running around. You stretch your legs and they need to stretch theirs. Plus it really help change their scenery and gives them an outlet for energy because as we all know hey have TONS of energy!! 

Do you take your kids on long car rides??

Let us know your tips in the comments!!