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Our stay aboard the Fulton Steamboat Inn in Strasburg, PA

When I was younger, we lived pay check to pay check but at times even that was a struggle. My Mom would stretch her pennies and save like a mad women! Any money left over after paying bills went for things we needed plus traveling adventures. Her idea was that small trips here and there helped us connect as a family. She fueled my love of travel from an early age. Now I  want to pass down that love of travel experiences to my son.

On one memorable trip she took us to a “Steamboat” hotel. While searching online about the Lancaster, Pennsylvania area, I found the Fulton Steamboat Inn! Talk about fate.

You bet your racing horse ticket I booked a room for my family. Neither one of them had any idea until we literally pulled in the parking lot. Sort of a little special surprise before we called it quits on our Spring Break vacation. The Fulton Steamboat Inn in Strasburg, PA is pretty darn unique! It houses 97 Victorian and Nautical themed rooms complete with all of the modern amenities.

 After check-in we ventured outside to the Jr. First Mate’s Happy Harbor Playground. A perfect spot for kids to run, play and create tails from a seven sea voyage.

Everything about this area from the Amish farm lands to the Fulton gardens have you feeling relaxed. 

We walked to the fire pit area, around the gardens and enjoyed their fully stocked koi pond.

The local ducks even have made this area a home. 

One thing I truly love about being a parent….watching how my son takes after “me”. His sense of humor is a spitting imagine of mine. This photo above shows that!! We both saw this “sign” and stood smiling waiting for a photo capture without even discussing it to one another.

 The grounds of this Inn are beautiful and honestly it’s hard to capture a “bad shot”!! It is so family friendly I could not recommend a stay more, truly!

When we had enough of the outdoors we went inside to enjoy their indoor pool. 

Did I mention the pool has painted fish on the bottom of it?? 

I thought this was the neatest thing and so did my son!!

Before you leave I would also suggest a meal at their restaurant.  We had half-off appetizers for dinner in the bar area. It is very kid-friendly with table seating. The food is delicious, workers are kind and orders are taken right away (perfect when you have little ones with you).

In the morning we enjoyed a “family style” breakfast. I have never had this sort of buffet style dish before. It was pretty neat and filling. They served all three of our portions on one plate (shown above). We just took what we wanted. YUM!

Overall our stay at the  Fulton Steamboat Inn in Strasburg, PA was memorable. I am so glad they are operating after all these years. We can’t wait for our next visit! If you are traveling in the area I HIGHLY recommend you book a stay!

Have you ever stayed the night in a Steamboat??

What are your favorite places in Lancaster, PA??