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25 Historical Shows on Netflix

Anyone else enjoy learning about our history? Before we visit an area I enjoy brushing up on the area. Since my son is school age we make it a family affair. Together we learn all sorts of things. So enjoy some of the Wondrous History Shows on Netflix.

1. The Crown

2. Untold History of the United States

3. Empire Games

4. World War 11 in Color

5. Roman Empire

6. Civilizations

7.  The Pyramid Code

8. Lincoln

9.  Vikings Unearthed

10. History’s Greatest Hoaxes

11. Secrets of Great Britain Castles

12. The Civil War by Ken Burns

13. Auschwitz The Nazi and The final solution 

14. The Royal House of Winsor

15.  Weird Wonders of the World

16. Inside the Freemason

17. Hiroshima The Real history

18. Hitler a Career

19. The Truth behind Atlantis

20. Secrets of the Tower of London

21. The World’s worse Disasters

22. Bobby Kennedy for President

23. Treasures from the Wreak of the unbelievable

24. Secrets of Westminister

25. D Day

Do you have a favorite History Show or Movie?

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