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7 Card Games for Families

 We are a house of games. Pretty much everyone is aware or taken part in our game nights because we do them so often. I find it helps bond with people I just met or reconnect with those who have busy lives and travel a lot ( that would be me). Not to mention if you find the right games you can enjoy them with not just adults but the kids as well! I have so many suggestions on which card games you have in your arsenal but here are just a few:

1. Spot it- Hands down my first pick. It is a game everyone can enjoy and be GREAT at! Many of my friends and family members have bought this game after coming to our house and playing it because they enjoyed it so much!

2. Skip-Bo- Another card game we play regularly. Now they do have a Skip-Bo Jr and that is how I taught my son to play on first before graduating him to the adult version. I love playing this on coffee play dates with frantic Moms who just need some much needed “vent time”.

3. Uno- An oldie but on it can be so much fun. We actually have several different versions of this. 

4. Birds, Bugs, Beans- This is one of my sons personal favorites! If you are a competitive bunch this is the game for you.

5. Mouth Guard Challenge….. Have you seen the game where you put a retainer looking device in your mouth and try and speak? Hahaha try this with your family and friends because let me tell you laughing is good for everyone!

6. Apples to Apples- They do have a Junior version now which is rather nice. I love playing this with a big bunch of friends over bubbly beverages and see what everyone comes up with!

7. Brain Quest- It is actually a game not just “informational cards”. I was rather shocked by all the things people did not know about History, America, Animals and government.