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What Is A Blogger? Why I’m Not Considered One

What is a blogger? I often get mistaken for a blogger once people ask what I do for a living. It honestly seems that nowadays people label everything and everyone! I used to get so angry when this happened. In my mind they were basically saying, I was a work from home Mom, who NEEDED something to do (like stay at home parents have nothing to do haha). I should take a moment and say there is NOTHING wrong with being a stay at home Mom who wants a little side business hustle. Don’t read my previous statements and think I have somehow judged you! It’s more of the WAY people said it to me. As if my years in the corporate world meant nothing nor did my Masters Degree which I obtain through years of dedicated studying. I honestly do not know why I took this phrase, “blogger” so personally. In reality this Media industry is so new that really the term “blogger” was just a generalized statement. Half the people that call me a blogger really had no clue what I did but needed a label to slap on me. So thus a post about my definition of a blogger and why I don’t consider myself to be one!

This post was in collaboration with useriq. All opinions are 100% my own.

With a bit of research I found the actual definition of a blogger: “a person who regularly writes material for a blog”. I would take that a few steps further and say a blogger is also someone who does NOT get paid to write posts/reviews. This is a HUGE difference to what I actually do here on the Western New Yorker website! I get paid through ADs, you might even see some strategically placed along the right hand side bar—–>>>>

Don’t worry I am not Social Media platforms that listen in to what you talk about so I can pop ads up (yes that really happens). 

I write articles that endorse brands, companies and destinations in return for compensation. I am NOT a sell out though because if it’s crap I WILL not recommend it. PERIOD. I have always been the blunt person you can rely on for an honest answer ( ASK anyone who knows me) and those opinions flow freely in my business life as well. I would NEVER loose my credibility for a paycheck, NEVER! I think I have established that I get paid and my website is a business not a blog. Did you know I track my followers to help figure out what articles to write?? I doubt bloggers even utilize things like customer churn (seeing who has unfollowed them and why). Nothing against bloggers…just curious if they use those types of services…

When you start getting into the realm of writers or members of the Media I think you start to realize there is a HUGE difference between them!! Not everyone can be a Writer/Member of the Media. I am pretty sure ANYONE can be a “blogger”. 

Most Members of the Media have a licence and are backed by a publication of some sorts. They broadcast via TV, Radio, Online publications and print to reach the general public on all aspects of life. Even as I write this I am reminded how much legality is also put on writers. When we write, we are held accountable for our articles which includes proper quotations and credits. I can’t “re-track” statements because ONLINE once it is PUBLISHED it is out there FOREVER!! So I better make SURE my sources are correct the first time. None of this half crap let’s slap a story together nonsense then “re-track” it the next day. For instance, if I made a rash statement about a person I dealt with when reviewing a location. If it is not done properly, I can be held accountable, in court for things like “Defamation of Character”. Trust me when I say the hobby blogger has nothing on my legal disclosures! My company contracts are about 8 pages long full of legal mumbo-jumbo. Don’t get me wrong, I would never trade my job because I truly do love it but it does have a HUGE serious side.

After a few years of being a hobby my website became an authentic business. I do utilize things like customer churn and am required us to file Business taxes yearly. I hold business insurance, copyrights installed to help protect against any legal issues (You can see all of my FTC disclosures here) and even have my own accounting department! There is a lot that goes on behind the scenes that maybe the everyday person might have missed. I hope this post was a little insight into my industry. And if we ever meet and you call me a “blogger” I promise to not take it so personally ;)….well maybe! 

Did you know what a Blogger was??

What would YOUR definition be??


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