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Filling the College void

All our bags are packed and we are ready to go… 

Off to Campus or School we go… 

All the teachers are waiting for us to arrive… 

In hopes we learn while having the time of our lives.

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This year has been a serious tear jerker around these parts. As a Mom, I have started to say goodbye to kids I babysat for. They are heading onto college and starting their young adult careers. This time really starts to get you in all the feel good parts of your body. You reflect, you give advice and you start to take a second longer embracing these precious moments. 

Once they have settled into their dorms, the void starts to sink in. I see it on my son’s (who is still young, 9) as he says his “goodbyes”. These kids that have filled our hearts with memories will no longer be “popping” in regularly. They will no longer come over daily for dinner or nerf gun wars. Their childhood beds will soon be empty and their parents will start the empty nesting stage of life. Having a way to stay connected has never been more important these last few weeks! From texting, FaceTime to Instagram stories. I feel like I have officially embraced the technology age.

Are you connected? Verizon has some great unlimited plans that I would be remiss if I did not mention! I honestly can’t tell you how fast my sons face lights up when one of his fellow hockey players send him a message. Those dimples  do NOT come out for just anyone (TRUST ME). As we make our plans to travel the United States, to seem them all play professionally or at their colleges, these means of communication are so vital. Never do I have to say, I am “counting my phone minutes”. I can simply just let him “emoji” text back and forth with them while I book our flights and hotels. 

So if you are sending off your baby this year….I see you. Know you are not alone! Know the void is felt not just by you but so many of those who your son or daughter has touched along their path. Know we are sending them care packages and well wishes as they spread their wings!!

Are you sending someone off to college??

What age did you give your child a phone?? 

Let us know in the comments!!