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The Benefits Sports have on Children

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This past year my son went from the sidelines watching sports to actually playing them. I think there are so many wonderful benefits sports have on children. I always encouraged my son to play sports but never forced him. He eventually found the sports that sparked his interest. First, he started attending karate classes after he encountered his first school bully. Do not misunderstand, I did not want him to hurt another child but I wanted him to have the proper defense techniques in case he was in this situation again.

A few benefits that I have seen this past year while he has been in sports are:

1. Increases self-confidence. At first he was shy and scared that his talents were not as good as the other kids in his class. His excitement got him through the first few classes. By sticking with it he eventually got the hang of things in karate class and now excels. 

2. Encourages teamwork. While karate might not seem like a “team” sport it really is. He works with his teacher and other students to hon in on his skills. Each person teaches him something new and exciting which later on helps him with belt testing.

3. Helps them focus. He has become so focused and more patent since he has attended lessons. Gaining a belt in karate takes work, discipline and patience.

 Some days I’m such an emotional Mom. This event pictured above marked a HUGE milestone for our son He earned his first belt! Many hours of sweat, focus, some tears & personal dedication went into this. If last year you would have told us this were possible when he was so ill I’d have laughed! His strength is so inspiring, we could NOT be more proud of him!!

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I have talked so much about hockey I wanted to share a little bit about his karate journey too!