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City Guides for Traveling Sport Teams

 Who else does research about places you are traveling too? Every other weekend the Hockey team travels to different cities. Once in town they have practices and house games. Not every city we have traveled too before or know anything about. When I find a City guide on Hotels4Teams, it has helped prepare for our trips!!

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As we pack, I can search hotels near the Sport venue. This not only helps me find a great deal on our room but other things to do while in town. If you would benefit from a City guide head over here.

 While I search deals, I also look at each hotels amenities! We get up early in the morning so places that host breakfast at 10 am will not suite my family. So we go for places that have free breakfast early in the morning or save money and just buy cereal. Each Hotel offers different things, as you probably know, so search around before booking! When booking on this website they do NOT charge me a hotel fee which also save us money!

While in town we like to explore when there is down time. These city guides from the Hotels4teams team have already done the leg-work for us! They have compiled attractions from cities all over the country that your team or family will love. They also encourage you to let them know of cities they might not have guides for yet! 

Do you do research before traveling?

Would a city guide benefit your family?


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