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7 Summer Sport Essentials for Kids

“Practice Makes perfect”. That saying has been drilled into my mind when I was a kid playing sports and to this day that still drill it in our young. My son luckily love sports and doesn’t mind. From Games, practices or to just playing scrimmage with strangers at the park we are always on the go. Here are some great essentials for any parent with active kids!

This is another partner post with Hotels4Teams! All opinions are my own!

1. In the Summer humidity you really need to keep your child hydrated throughout the day! 

2. Bring along a cooler with you to event. Having a cool refreshing drink really helps cool you down after running around. With all the energy my son burns it is the least I can do by bringing a cooler to keep our drinks cold! 

3. Wear proper attire. The sun can be rather harsh if you have to sit in it for long periods of time for sporting events. I usually wear a hat to protect my scalp from sun burn. I also encourage my son to wear one as well if allowed during games! 

5. Keep a small first aid kit on hand. Someone always gets hurt! Fill the first aid kit with bandages in various sizes, alcohol wipes, antibiotic cream, and bug repellent.

6. Wear sunscreen. Although I do wear a hat to help protect my scalp you still need sunscreen. The sun rays can be so harmful and it is easy to get burnt. Even if you are reapply all day if you are not using the proper SPF you could still risk a burn. Generally, I use 50-70 SPF on my son’s skin because he is so prone to sun burns!

7. Book your teams rooms for traveling events through websites like Hotels4Teams because they do NOT charge fees!!

8. Bring along some camping chairs. There is so many fancy “Sporting equipment”. I find so many families end up being uncomfortable and stand the entire event. I use camping chairs to stay comfortable and mine have cup holders for our Sports drinks!

Cheering my son on the sidelines has become so important to us. Making sure I replenish his body as he embraces an athletic lifestyle is vital. Keeping him protected from the sun, comfortable and hydrated helps keep his body healthy! That way he can continue running circles around us adults.

What are your Summer sport essentials comment some below?