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Our visit to the Buffalo History Museum

Exploring local Museums have become sort of a passion for my family. We started this with a few working trips and continued it on our free time when home. I find mixing family time with a bit of education really strengthens the passion for learning. We visited the Buffalo History Museum during a Museum day Live and I had to share.

Because, this particular museum participated in this FREE event it lead us here. What’s the saying: “If you lead them they will come?” What a great strategy for those of us who may not know what is right in our backyard! On the website they stated they have “everything from coat buttons to automobiles” and they mean it!

My son and I have a particular interest in blacksmith shops.  Growing up I lived near Amish communities that to this day still practice this craftsmanship. I find it extremely fascinating and was excited to see an exhibit showcasing it!

Since I know many parents enjoy my “Things to do in the area posts” I want to stop and say how “kid” friendly this place is! Not many places allow kids to learn history in an environment they can play, tough and enjoy! Props are located throughout including stations for a quick picture!

Everywhere you turn really has something to see….

I am a huge fan of walking off the beaten path and this museum for me really fed that train of thought. They incorporated facts, information and exhibits in a inviting way without feeling dated and dry of substance.

For instance in the artwork realm alone they have around 500 works documenting two centuries of the region’s changing landscape!

I may not have shared this in previous posts but I am half Iroquois decent. My grandmother was full Iroquois and would frequent our local schools educating them on the history and culture. Finding locations who display this heritage in a tasteful manner is so refreshing. 

The Erie canal, industrialization and three president’s lives are captured here within these very walls. It is worth a day trip to explore and take in. Once you have seen all the museum has to offer take a stroll outside to their gardens.

“The tranquil, flowing landscape design makes Delaware Park a haven for visitors from Buffalo and all over who want a quiet connection to nature.”

I could come back with a lunch and just take in the scenery. 

Places like these are such a gem to find in my area. An area that is known for Chicken wings (buffalo, NY) but has so much more to offer!


Their mission: “Experiencing history with you, by remembering, discovering, and sharing our stories; sparking emotional and social connections within our unique community.” 

As a travel writer, Mother and member of the community I have to say they are doing a great job! I can’t wait to come back to visit the gardens and see all the new renovations. The exhibits so far are breathtaking and worth your time to visit!

Does your family enjoy visiting Museum’s??

Do you have a Museum we should visit? Comment below which!!