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24 hours in Charleston West Virginia

24 hours in Charleston, West Virginia

Last year, I was blessed with my first official trip to West Virginia. After which, I made it my mission to start exploring more of the state itself! What better way to get to know a state than visit it’s capitol?? We enjoyed 24 hours in Charleston, West Virginia and I want to tell you all about it!  It is located in the Appalachian Mountains giving you picturesque views as you get off the express way. We also saw large barges (much like the one pictured above) moving in and out of the canal transporting goods.

Capitol of West Virginia

I was given a complimentary tickets and accommodations for my trip. All opinions are my own.

Near the waterway you will find the Capitol building. It was designed by Cass Gilbert after I hear several other Capitol buildings were destroyed due to fires.

24 hours in Charleston, West Virginia

What a spectacular building to see and tour.

The Capitol Dome even comes complete with gilded 23 1/2 carat gold!!


As we wondered around the town I found some interesting things along the way. I enjoy any part of the History of an area. Luckily, my family agrees so often we like to just wander around finding things to capture.

The buildings, their designs, the statues can all tell a lot about a place.

WV capitol

My son has been keeping track (in a National Geographic book we got him for Christmas) of all the places we have visited. Charleston was another off the list!!

Everyone works up an appetite while they explore, right? Just wonder downtown to get a sense of the artsy atmosphere they have here. Book store, live music at night and little restaurants ready to serve you! I loved the old charm the town had because it was mixed with a younger generation vibe.

Our hosts explain that Pies and Pints Pizzeria was a must stop place to eat! Once inside, I understood what they meant. This gigantic Elephant for instance was a staple of the wall for years. Through different establishments that rented the buildings it stood until someone painted over it. When the Pies and Pints Pizzeria uncovered it, they restored it back to it’s original glory. Now, it is part of their logo and what a magnificent addition to the place as you sit to enjoy a meal!

The menu here is a collection of all sorts of interesting combinations a top of homemade pizza. We stayed traditional and just got a classic pie with root beer. Was it worth it?? You bet!! On our way out we met the Mayor. I wish I could have accepted the invite to a baseball game but he weather just was NOT on our side, Sadly (next time).

I will say if you are venturing down town leave your vehicle at the hotel. The streets are easy to walk and everything is rather close to one another. Parking is only an hour and believe me that hour is up before you know it.

Our first day in town was on the rainy/snowy side. We decided to head indoors and explore the Clay Center for the Arts & Sciences of West Virginia.

Safe to say we enjoyed ourselves!

 Such a wonderful interactive place for both kids & adults to enjoy!! We spent most of our time in the interactive city on the lower level. I thought about sharing a bunch of photos but I really want you to go and visit! We spent most of our time earning “money” in a scavenger hunt theme game they have out for the kids. My personal favorite was the kid garage complete with a vehicle you could work on. My son was not a fan of putting on the costume overalls but I tried!

After a full day of exploring we hung our hats at the Four Points By Sheraton Charleston. It was perfect for our family! The accommodations were beautiful and clean. The hotel itself was located near everything. We could easily walk downtown and listen to live music playing at several of the businesses. If you wanted to stay in, they have a pool, restaurant or just order Jimmy Johns!

Instead of a stop off destination, one could easily spend days/nights exploring and enjoying the city. The people are extremely friendly and welcoming. Overall our time in Charleston, West Virginia was short but sweet.

24 hours in Charleston, West Virginia

Have you ever been to Charleston, West Virginia?? Did you find this 24 hours in Charleston, West Virginia post helpful?

What are your favorite things to do when exploring a new destination??