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24 Hour trip to Altoona, PA

This year we decided to break up the long drive South. I am so glad we did! We wanted to find more off the beaten path places and explore Pennsylvania (Instead of just simply passing through). I feel like we did just that! Enjoy our 24 hour trip to Altoona, PA. My first stop was dinner at Chipotle (we do not have one in our town, treat). This was the view from their patio (pictured above)….A-M-A-ZING.

I was given a complimentary tickets and accommodations for my trip. All opinions are my own.

We checked into to our “Family Suite” at the Comfort Inn in Duncansville, PA. Can I just say when we got to the room my son and I may have jumped on the bed a few times… Laughter is honestly the best medicine. What can I say…I’m a total kid at heart!

I have never stayed in a Family suite before but I have to say it’s rather delightful! It housed two televisions one in the bedroom area and one in the “living room” area. Perfect amount of room so mac could watch morning cartoons. Worth a booking if you have a family and or just want the added space (in my opinion).

After breakfast the next morning we ventured out to the Horse Shoe Curve. I have seen some amazing captures of this area and was rather excited to see it first hand! I promise to give an exclusive and in depth review of the place shortly!

Little man was also rather excited to see the trains whiz by. Even in a light dusting of snow/rain we enjoyed ourselves. He even pulled out his very best Mary Poppins impression as the conductors waved at him!!

For lunch we headed to US Tavern Hotel. So much history in this place and it is located right next to train tracks. Grab a seat by the window and watch them roll in and out of the station.

Since, I am a bit of a history buff in training I ventured around with the owner. He explain this sign, pictured above, was the original sign from back when this place really was a Hotel. This building has been restored without taking away from the beautiful wood trim finishes. It even comes complete with a billiard room where a few ladies were enjoying a friendly game of bridge!

What about their food you ask?? I want to encourage you to listen to the house specials. I almost gave up my menu pick for one of them but settled on a out of the box burger instead. I would also recommend the Chicken and waffles because the Dr. Pepper sauce, YUM! 

Remember when I said you could sit by the window and capture trains? You can also tour their local train museum. Since we had a limited amount of time we did not get the chance BUT we will definitely be back to do just that! My son also wanted me to share this above picture with you all. Apparently they are doing away with cabooses and he is rather gutted about it! We managed to still find one though #MomWin

Our last stop was the Slinky Factory and Slinky Action Zone. I still remember the “everyone loves a slinky” ditty they broadcasted on television as a kid. It was so neat to share the love of this toy with my son. I would compare the Slinky Action Zone to indoor play area if you are unfamiliar. Think a place kids can climb, jump and run around in. They also have an arcade and food court area for parents to relax and recharge in!

Altoona, PA left us wanting to return and visit more of the local hot spots. Their jail resembles a castle, as my son pointed out, so we HAVE to come back to explore the area more!

Have you ever been to Altoona, PA??