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Pet Safety for the Holidays

 The Holiday Season is fast approaching. As we get ready for the celebrations, presents and family coming over we need to remember our furry friends. Though this time can be fun and memorable your pets might have a different view of the Holiday Season. Enjoy some safety tips to keep your dog happy and healthy!

1. Remember to keep your pets in mind when decorating! I found that having glass ornaments never end well in our house. While they are pretty to look at they are not so nice to sweep, vacuum and chase your dog down once they have them. We have completely switched to plastic and or dog friendly homemade ornaments.

2. Did you know holly, mistletoe, and poinsettia plants are poisonous to dogs or cats? I stopped buying them altogether because I don’t want to run the risk of our animals getting them. My mother just places them in areas her animals can’t reach which is another option.

This is a sponsored conversation written by me on behalf of Icelandic+™. The opinions and text are all mine.

3. Gift them something to encourage a healthy lifestyle. While our little fur-babies stomachs are on the soft side I have to watch what we give them. I want to spoil my pets but I also do not want them getting sick from treats! I recently introduced them to the Icelandic+™ line of products.  While they feel they are getting a treat I can be assured they won’t be getting sick from unknown ingredients!

Take these Pure Icelandic Cod Skin Rolls  for example. They are 100% natural and edible Icelandic Cod Fish Skin Rolls with a single ingredient and contain no additives, preservatives or supplements. They come only from the pure icy waters of Iceland and are line-caught daily and processed immediately. 

4. Find treats that help your pets teeth in some way. Have you smell dog breath?? Not my favorite scent! The Icelandic treats we have been using reduce tartar and plaque build-up for healthier gums and teeth. They are also a great natural source of Omega-3 fatty acids, promoting healthy skin and coat for your pet. 

5. Support environmentalist companies with your gifting for your pets! Another great reason we introduced the Icelandic products this Holiday Season was the companies mission to helping Iceland flourish. At one time, the lamb horns (pictured above) were treated as waste. They were extremely expensive for farms and processing facilities to dispose of. Through partnering with these businesses, they have helped them close their sustainability gaps by establishing a revenue-generating solution that also reduces landfill mass.

6. Give a space for your animals to hide. While I enjoy some Christmas music my pets may not. As the festivities gain noise levels with constant people coming and going I give my pets a safe haven to retreat too. This allows them to settle down and not bark the entire evening. 

7. Let them have a treat while in the safe haven during your parties. This lets them know you are thinking of them and that it is not a punishment. I find when our pets go upstairs voluntarily and have chews or treats they could care less who comes over to visit.

The Icelandic Lamb Horn we have been using is a natural chew that helps our dog’s gums to be “brushed” as it is made of thousands of small fibers. With continued use and additional Horns, you will see a remarkable difference in the health of your dog’s gum line and whiter teeth.

8. If you are traveling with your pet for the Holidays bring records with you. You encounter so many people in different transportation outlets. Just like us we can get sick anywhere and at any time so bring your pet’s shot, immunizations and records with you. 

9. Give your pets breaks. If you are hosting a party or traveling with your pet remember to give them breaks. They need time to do their business and run some energy out. I find this helps us travel easier if we stop and all stretch our legs!

Do you have some Dog Safety tips for the Holidays??

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