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Why is STEM Learning Vital for our Youth?

 As a mother you hear a lot about all the things you need to teach your child. Society, the education system, other parents and media flood you with advice on how to raise your child. One of the major educational focus teachers have in the last few years are STEM learning programs. What is the STEM approach people are talking about, you might ask? It centers around Science, Technology, Engineering and Math education. I often see companies advertising for more parents of daughters encourage their child to enter into engineering because they want more in that field. Luckily for us, our son enjoys these four subjects with absolute GUSTO! He not only excels in these categories, tests high for his age but thoroughly enjoys them. We encourage him to not only learn via text books but handling technology and using these in every day life practices!

 I partnered with Verizon. The opinions I have expressed are my own. I am disclosing this in accordance with the FTC Regulations.

#weneedmore kids to see the world of possibilities waiting for them. In order to compete for the jobs of the future, it’s essential for every kid to have access to technology and STEM education. With about 9 million available STEM jobs – and over 4 million available jobs in science and technology alone – our youth need access to education and resources that will prepare them for success in tomorrow’s high-tech world (an excerpt from Verizon Website)”.

  How do you get kids to see possibilities they never dreamed of? I personally think with not only school room education but by getting them out into the world. Traveling, experiencing everyday life and using hands on approaches!

Verizon has also been marrying technology, role models and hands-on learning in an immersive tech program, through partnerships with leading nonprofits and universities:

They are teaching young minority men skills like coding, 3D design, robotics and more, with Historically Black Colleges and Universities and Hispanic serving institutions around the country. 

-Teaching high school students entrepreneurship and business skills through programs at major universities, like Babson College. 

-Launching a dynamic, experiential summer program for middle school girls at community colleges in rural areas, where they’ll learn coding, design thinking, social entrepreneurship, storytelling and augmented reality. 

-Setting up free interactive labs in select Verizon retail stores, where students can go hands-on with virtual reality, coding and more.

Take this panoramic view pictured above. This shot is a great example of what technology in the rights hands can produce. Not very many people would hand their DLSR camera which weighs in at around $1000+ to a 7 year old. On our trip to Las Vegas, my son was fascinated at the technology I use for work. Instead of passing it off and telling him to “let me finish” I quickly gave him a crash course on how to operate it. 

 These two captures along with many more I have to say were the result. This eye for pictures is not something that can always be taught. Take a photography class and I guarantee the instructor will say some people are just born with an eye for photography. While my camera may have helped it was my son’s vision that brought to life these photos. Teaching our young these vital lessons in technology can help fuel their creative minds and form the future. 

That’s why Verizon, through the Verizon Innovative Learning initiative, has committed $160 million in free tech, free access and hands-on immersive learning in STEM for students in need. They don’t just fund programs no they get hands on. By creating and administering partnerships with leading nonprofits. It’s making a difference in our youth and our School systems! Check out more about the programs here. As a Mom I am so happy to support these types of partnerships. It not only encourages my son to grow and learn but also helps form the future generations success in technology. 

Have you heard of STEM learning?

Did you know Verizon had such amazing programs??

What subjects do your children excel at??


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    November 28, 2017 / 2:26 pm

    Stem Learning is definitely vital for our youth. Young kids should know what it is from the start. Your kid looks like he's interested to learn about them.