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Quick Trip to Ricketts Glen, PA

Sometimes us city folk need a trip to the back country roads!! I had a work trip venturing to the Pocono Mountains and decided to leave early. My spouse and I have not traveled to many parts of Pennsylvania yet. Since it is our neighbor state I feel bad about that and want to explore it more.

We made reservations at the Lodge at Raven Creek in Benton, PA. According to their website it  was described as: a quaint Bed & Breakfast near Rickett’s Glenn State Park and Bloomsburg, PA. 

Aside from that we had no idea what we would be walking into to. We arrived late at night due to our GPS (need to replace that glitch-y thing) and turned it early. Before doing so, can we appreciate this fabulous decor in our suite (pictured above)??? Our room had a nice design, layout, modern amenities and we both slept comfortably. 

Waking up was such a wonderful surprise. The views from this place is extremely captivating. Something about the nature scenes in the country side really bring me back to my childhood! 

This Lodge is a great place to stay but they also offer so much more. You could easily enjoy Campfires, a place to tell fishing stories before heading out or a BBQ.

Another great avenue they offer is a wedding venue. After being married for five years we do not need a wedding venue but some of you might.  

I would personally love to host a party here! 

They also offer a breakfast which we had before venturing out. It is worth your time to stop, relax, stay overnight and embrace a full breakfast here. While eating we talked about the surrounding area.

After checking out of the Lodge, we headed to Ricketts Glen State park as suggested. Before hiking we stocked up on some things at the Red Rock Corner Store. They had everything we needed!

Ricketts Glen State park is a beautiful preserve. You can hike near, along or by over 20 waterfalls. The park itself just had a remodel and the entrance is easy to locate and best of all, FREE!

The trails are marked moderate or easy. 

We took the Moderate first to get up close and personal with the Waterfalls!

I would not take my son on this particular trail because he has a fear of heights. 

I will say it was AWESOME for views and captures like these!

We did not go through the whole Park but spent hours exploring.

We also took the easy route back and found it to be flat. This would be a easier path if you have a stroller or family. I will definitely be back for more hiking of this park. It was a wonderful addition to our trip and worth a stop if you are in the area traveling.  

Hiking all morning long left us famished! Our wonderful lodging inn keepers suggested the Ricketts Glen Hotel. Since we enjoyed their first recommendation I felt we would also enjoy this place too.

The decor was very quaint and the restaurant has some great scenic views. I was not expecting the food to be anything more than a uneventful diner style. I was wrong, this burger was a step above. It was the perfect consistency, cooked perfectly and extremely reasonable in price! When our meal was done we headed out of time to continue on my next work trip. I hope you enjoyed our quick trip to the Ricketts Glen area. While we only stayed in the area for a short time I can’t wait to come back.

If you have any suggestions on where we should go on our next time in town please comment below!!