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Christmas Package from Santa

Every child WANTS to believe Santa Claus is real. My son in particular knows the Santa we see in the shopping Malls is the THEE Santa but rather just an adult in costume. I like to think he has the spirit of Christmas though. We send a letters to Santa every year in hopes he may hear my sons magical wishes for the coming Christmas Holiday. This year I thought I would jingle things up a bit. I headed to PackagefromSanta.com and sent him his very own customized box of Christmas Magic.

This post is in collaboration with  PackagefromSanta.com All opinions are my own.

I truly had no idea if he would believe it came for THE Santa or if he would just think the idea itself was neat! When it arrived I soon realized that the idea of Santa was definitely still in him even at age 7! The package was so authentic and realistic I have to say I am a bit jealous Santa did not send me a package ;).

The bell Rudolph sent has some weight to it with a crafted design. Along with a tear jerking message he writes encouraging kids to having confidence within to do great things! I will not spoil the message by sharing it because it really is one of those moments you should read and experience with your children or grandchildren. Just known it is worth a read and a VERY wonderful message not only for children but for us adults too! 

 The package was jam packed with goodies but here are just a few. A piece of Santa’s red Suit, hot cocoa, a photo of Santa, Reindeer food, candy cane, sugar cookie and more. I saw on the PackagefromSanta.com website they have three different package options to choose from! 

 I also saw you can add a movie or phone call from Santa but I did not do that this year. I thought the package itself was rather festive and exceeded my expectations if I do say so myself! Since the great people at PackagefromSanta.com are so wonderful they also gave a discount code to share with all of you! Enjoy 25% off by using the code: RED1822.