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Capon Spring & Farms Review

 We took a scenic drive along the Cacapon River to a 19th Century Resort called the Capon Springs and Farms. Many describe it as one step up from camping and I would agree with that to an extent. While you may not have all the modern luxuries this place offers so much more to families. 

 I was hosted as part of a FAM tour to help facilitate my review. I was not required to write a positive experience. All thoughts, opinions and photos are my own.

While here you can enjoy a home away from home uninterrupted. Put down your electronics and reconnect with your family members again over a game of ping pong, pool, cards or day at the Hygeia Bath House & Spa. 

 Socialize with other guests by sitting next to fireplaces, rocking in the porch chairs or  lounging by the poolside.  The pool is filled with active Spring water that regular flows in and out of the pool walls. Every morning you can enjoy a polar bear swim. These very spring waters for years were prescribed to many as medicine!

 This is not a place to be taken lightly generations of people have walked these very grounds. Every year the next generation following in their footsteps. It has only been a recent they allowed their doors to open to the public.

 The area has dirt roads, hospitality and rich history to soak yourself in. 

 While staying here I explore the surrounding areas and grounds. 

 If you are interested in exploring outside Capon enjoy my Historic Romney, West Virginia post. Take a Scenic trip around the Cacapon River in West Virginia post here.

I mentioned the Hygeia Bath House & Spa above and I need to revisit that. This is a great place to soaking in mineral baths or have a massage!

  Capon Spring water flows throughout the Spa as well. 

While I was visiting I enjoyed a Spa treatment. 

I was extremely congested and selected the eucalyptus salts within my warm bath waters. This helped ease my symptoms and it was perfect for a relaxing afternoon. I would HIGHLY recommend it!

This place has so many other wonderful things that go on during your stay you might enjoy.

The raising of the American Flag was one of the most sentimental practices. The guests gather to watch it happen and stand united as one. 

If only other areas of the United States would do this!

Explore a 4,700-acre property which include hiking trails, scenic views and different lodging options.

  It also has a 9-hole golf course, Fling gulf and a par-3 course. 

Meals are included in your stay. Just listen for the meal bell. 

Gather in the dining hall or out by the Golf Course. 

If you are lucky you might even hear blue grass playing from the Bud’s Collective band!! Personally, I enjoy blue grass music and would go back just to enjoy another evening in front of them! Capon Springs and Farms has so much to offer to several different types of people, families and ages. If you are looking for a new adventure check them out and see why people keep coming back year after year!

Would you vacation in West Virginia? 

Have you heard of Capon Spring & Farms before?



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