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Wireless speaker from Bose

I have been keeping a few secrets from you all. Nothing drastic but enough to house some guilt on my part. Normally this time of year I am none stop traveling. If you have noticed in the past few days, on my social media accounts, I went from traveling West Virginia to all of a sudden back home in New York. What happened you ask? I came down with a “cold” (pneumonia). Not just any cold, no…no, the one that Moms dread once your children go back to school. Kids come home with these “Colds” that seem normal but turn into something else and knock you down for weeks. Let’s just say the four walls of my living room have all I have looked at…for almost a week and a half now. Before I left on my trip to Virginia, we opened the new Wireless speakers from Bose. I never really paid much mind to it until this past week.

It is after all in my contagious confinement room.

Bose wireless speaker

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After getting the kid off to school in the morning, I come home and switch on my Bluetooth. I have a few play lists on YouTube I shuffle between. Speaking of…if you have some suggestion for songs let me know in the comments. Seriously, I am running out of ideas! Think four walls to look at day in and day out…

living room

After which I plop myself on the couch, take out my laptop and write. I write Social Media Posts, I write replies back to emails and I write these blog posts you have seen lately. On Friday, I was told my “cold” migrated and I now have double ear infections. BRILLIANT! Which brings up why I even started using the Bose Speaker to begin with. Usually, you see me sitting in a local coffee shop working with my ear buds in. I am actually a ear bud snob and own about 40 “extra” sets in case one burns out. This helps me focus and get “in the zone” of writing.


After my ears started to get really bad off, I had to stop using them. Which for me causes my brain to be in “major distraction mode”. My spouse claimed this speaker was easy to use….so I gave it a go. I fumble with technology but sure enough I figured it out rather quickly. Just hit the Bluetooth sign on my phone and it connected wireless-ly. Fancy that, now I can turn up the music or down depending on how my ears are feeling that day.

Wireless speaker from Bose pin for later

You know what else I noticed while using it one day? You can hear the Bass guitar picks. Now, I knew Bose was known for their sound quality but that to me is priceless. I can sit in my four walls and enjoy almost a concert like musical production given off by this small speaker. No more will I sit at home and use my ear buds!

Until I am on the mend enough to travel you will find me home. Jamming out with my Verizon phone wireless-ly hooked up to this fabulous Bose speaker. If you are lucky at around 4pm you might also catch me dancing in the kitchen as I cook my family dinner. Yeah, that totally happens! Love this thing! Don’t tell the family but I am totally addicted and taking this thing with me everywhere…

Have you ever tried a Bose speaker? Try a Wireless speakers from Bose you thank me!