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Recipe: Grilled Seasoned Chicken

  I love to grill out when ever possible. Something about lighting coals and cooking outdoors get my taste buds salivating. The past few weeks I have tried a simple grilled chicken recipe I just have to share!

 What you will need:

Boneless Chicken breast



Garlic powder

Salt & Pepper

lemon juice

 First, I mix my spices on a plate and mix together. 

I dip them into the lemon juice then into the spices to coat for flavoring.

 Next set on the grill. I like to only flip once or twice if possible. Just let the chicken cook all the way through. I take and cut to double check they are cooked completely!

Such an easy to make Summer recipe! Great to pair with salad, plums, and veggie skewers.

Serve & Enjoy!