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Hurtle Funtastic Robot Review

 Does your little one enjoy Science? Have you heard about STEM learning? It seems so many studies have shown both are vital to children’s education lately. Everywhere I look I see those two categories in articles, on daytime TV shows and in the classroom. We have been luck finding great education toys that help fuel my sons love of Science under a blanket of learning. Meet his new Hurtle a Funtastic Robot.

 While third graders are learning the basics of Science and Math in the classroom, they may not be exposed to the
middle letters of STEM subjects – Technology and Engineering. The Young Scientists Club has designed four
different kits for kids ages 8 and up. Building then operating robots Hurdle, Sunny, Infra or Metali introduces
youngsters to robotic basics that will spark a curiosity to learn more, when ready. 

They have a few to choose from:

Hurdle the Robot • Ages 8+ • $29.99 Hurdle will stop, back up, and change direction when sensing an obstacle. 

Sunny the Robot • Ages 8+ • $29.99 Sunny moves upon receiving artificial and natural light signals. 

Infra the Robot • Ages 8+ • $29.99 Infra moves when receiving an IR (Infrared) signal from any home remote control. 

Metali the Robot • Ages 8+ • $29.99 Metali buzzes and lights up when metal objects are detected.

For more information on these four Funtastic Robots head over to their website!