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Irish Bangers & Mash Recipe

Irish Bangers & Mash Recipe

Every St. Patrick’s Day we have a little holiday dinner tradition, this Irish Bangers & Mash Recipe. It started a few years back when I was introduced to “Bangers & Mash” at a friends house. At first I was a bit skeptical my family would eat it but years later it is still one of our all time favorite meals to have! In fact I stock up on Bangers and freeze them so we can eat this dish year round! If you are wondering what it taste like I would compare it to a sausage but a zillion times BETTER (in my opinion)!

Irish Bangers and Mash

What you will need to make this Irish Bangers & Mash Recipe:

Potatoes ( m family LOVES red but any will work)

Butter (for the Mashed potatoes)

Splash of milk ( again for the mashed potatoes)

Package of Bangers ( Usually found with Sausage and or in the deli around St. Patrick’s Day)

My personal FAVORITE ingredient to make this recipe… Beer! We like dark beers like this Ipswich Dry Irish brew we got in our Craft Beer Club box!! Now, you do not have to cook them in beer you can use water but I find the beer helps bring out the flavors and I think there is a HUGE difference if you use water verses beer. It could be me but that is my opinion….

Cooking bangers

 Boil your potatoes until soft. While they are cooking take the Bangers (sausages) out of the package and place in a frying pan. Pour about half of a bottle of beer and allow to cook on medium. They are pink inside so you want them to cook until the pink has gone. As the beer evaporates I let them cook in what is left over.

Pin for later

 This gives them a almost grilled texture to them! Once the potatoes are soft I mash them with some butter (1 tbs) and splash of milk. I also add shredded cheese and minced garlic to taste. Those last two are completely optional we just enjoy our mashed potatoes with a flare!