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Help Reduce a Baby’s Upset tummy

 As a parent you go through all sorts of things when you frist bring your baby home. My family members always warned be early on learn your baby’s cry. Because they have different cries for different wants or needs. I thought a cry is a cry what the heck are they talking about? After I brought my bundle of joy home I realized VERY quickly learning your little one’s cry REALLY is a life saver! This is HOW they communicate to you and let you know when something is wrong for instance. My son was lucky he never cried through the night and I enjoy sleep for most of his baby stages.

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I know many are not so lucky and I can sympathize with you! I have seen the tired look of new parents in the beginning months of the baby stage. My nephew was one of them. He was so finicky that he literally cried all the time. Nothing would help and he has gas like you would NOT believe. We tried bouncing, soothing, feeding, changing you name it but he still would cry non-stop. The doctors would say “That’s normal” and we basically were left with no answers. Then I was introduced to UpSpring’s Probiotic + Colostrum packets.

Finally I could give him something to help easy the pain he was having and relieve the painful gas filled baby tummy. 

Why UpSpring’s Probiotic + Colostrum

Helps keep baby healthy* 

Helps reduce occasional digestive upset including diarrhea and other tummy troubles* 

5 billion active cultures per dose 6 probiotic strains including Lactobacilillus and Bifidobacterium plus prebiotics Colostrum provides complete range of antibodies for immune support* 

Flavorless powder is easily mixed with cool liquids or food Easy to use single, serve packets No artificial anything! 

Gluten free, sugar free, free of hormones and non GMO Made in USA

This product helps with helping to reduce occasional digestive upset: 

1. re-flux,

2. constipation,

3. gas, 

4. diarrhea

5. providing additional immune support. 

With 6 probiotic strains plus prebiotics (which help the beneficial bacteria flourish), each serving contains 5 billion active cultures. Colostrum, too, acts like a prebiotic, and it provides a complete range of antibodies for even more immune support.

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