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Hello Fresh Review

 You mean this tired worn out Mom does not have to go Grocery Shopping this week??? Those are the words I seriously uttered when a knock at my door produced the Hello Fresh Box pictured above. The last few weeks have been a wind tunnel at home. My family has been in and out of doctor appointments, sent for Blood panels, X-Rays all to try and find out what has been making my son so sick. We truly take health for granted once something is wrong and they can’t fix it immediately. My house chores have suffered, heck my everything has! That’s life as an adult right? Just when you think things have settled down something else lands you for a complete 180 twist. Let’s just say when this box came to my door I was not only thankful I was down right Grateful! I had see those ads on Facebook for the grocery boxes and thought who could be so lazy? Well, unannounced to me this box of goodies was a Life send and now I have completely chanced my ever loving closed mind-ed-ness since! 

I was given a free box to try out and formulate my review. I was not compensated and all opinions express are my own.

With Hello Fresh you select three meals for a given week and they send you neatly packaged ingredients. I selected the family portions and WOW was I surprised at what we got.

 First up I selected a recipe that was similar to our tastes but different. Meet the Melty Monterey burger pictured above!  I wanted to try new things disguised as the “normal” meals we have come accustomed! I needed to spice things up in the kitchen I am sick of making the same thing every night. 

Next up truly surprised me! We have had so many different types of fajitas but never has pork in them. Who knew this would be such an easy recipe and yet so flavorful.

 It is one of those moments you say to yourself: “Why didn’t I think of this”? If you see that sweet corn pictured above…yeah I added that to the recipe because let’s face it I never can follow directions to a “T”!

Last meal I decided to go all out crazy and pick something we had never had. Nothing in my holy grail of recipes comes close to this at all. Meet the Pesto Tortellini with braised asparagus in all its glory.

 Seriously, do I even need to explain to you how good this is or will the pictures explain all? I am now a lover of all things Tortellini and have since explored all the different kinds. Ok, not all of them but any I can get my hands on. I am still convincing my seven year old he likes them but this dish went over well. I thought for sure my family would run for the phone and order pizza when I placed this in front of their noses but I was oh so wrong!!

 Let’s Talk about the box itself…. What you get are three complete meals. They have measured out everything for you. All you have to do is enjoy the art of cooking for your family. Another great perk I like about this box is the NEW recipes. I like trying out new things without going out and buy a zillion ingredients I will never use again. This takes the hassle out and let’s you try new things without all the fuss. You can order from your home and it is delivered to your door…LOVE it!! If you are interested in trying the Hello Fresh box out I have a $30 off your first Hello Fresh box. Just use code LIZC30″ at Checkout!! 


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  1. Unknown
    March 23, 2017 / 11:22 am

    These boxes intrigue me!