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Mclachlan’s Birth Story

Today I am going to do something a little different. I am going to talk about something very personal to me. My son’s birth story. First, I need to give you some background leading up to it. I will go into some details not meant for every viewer! At the age of 23 I was faced with, what I would consider a horrific decision on where I would ever have a child of my own. I had for years been battling cancers in my “lady parts” and was faced with the reality it just may never happen. I was in such a horrific place in my life because it was my ultimate dream to one day carry and have my own children ( yes, I know I could have adopted). Talk about “GET YOUR CRAP TOGETHER AND GROW UP”!!

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My life just had not taken that road in stead it was a mess of failed relationship attempts, several serious operations and health complications really preventing the right time to have a child. I was in no condition to conceive on my own and was faced with the tough decision to in fact schedule a hysterectomy. As I sat in the Doctors office I remember thinking this was it, I was going to be left with an empty place. After discussing this with my doctor we both felt that at the time insemination would in fact help balance my hormone levels to help with some of the “lady problems” I was having. I would love to say that road was easy and fun and end the story right there. We tried for one and a half years to have a child. I had a miscarry and an ectopic pregnancy which landed myself with serious complications and I almost died! 

After that I was shaken my relationship had taken its toll and we parted ways. I had one last chance and could not decide if I should risk another try on my own. At this point these treatments/injections had strained my job, life, relationships and my emotions. I gave it one last attempt unable to give up knowing that I would be a single mom. After trying again and waiting the allotted time, I went back, was examine and told it was negative. I was devastated and just seemed to walk away from the idea all together. My brother was flying from Iraq during his deployment and I flew out to see him. Life continued as normal for months. It wasn’t until one day a co-worker came up randomly and said they had a dream I was pregnant. Seriously! I had not told anyone about my failed attempt because I was sure it would fail. That night all I kept thinking about was this comment and thinking wow it has been a while since any lady gift graced my presence (ha). A few days later I held a ultrasound photo in my hand. I was pregnant for the thrid time in my life.

This pregnancy took its toll on my body much like the others had. It went from rough to serious in a very short time. He decided to give my body havoc at every turn and I was constantly in the hospital. At 24 weeks I was rushed to the hospital because what I though was just cramping ended up being pre-term labor. At 24 weeks Mclachlan would have been a severe premature baby with little to no lung development. I immediately was given medication to stop the contractions. When this wasn’t working I was strapped and prepared to be Mercy Flighted to Children’s Hospital. I couldn’t get a hold of anyone, they were all stuck at work. As, I was getting ready to leave, my family finally arrived only to be told I was probably going to deliver little Mac on the flight. A flight that took only 19 minutes to make would take them 2 hours to drive. He had one shot for his lungs to develop and that was it. As I am sure they flew as fast as they could to get to buffalo. My brother was flown in from Iraq to be by my side along with my family. Like I said it was a huge scare and something I cannot ever put into words. Except to say we fought for Mac’s life that day. 

I arrived safely and him unborn!

After this I was put on high risk. I went to the doctors office every other day for monitoring. Emotionally, I started to doubt myself. I was so selfish in wanting a child I never thought if it was a good idea or not. Everyone was telling me it was never going to happen and here he was in my belly and I was on the bridge of loosing him. On June 27th, 2009, this little bundle of joy graced his presence one day before my original due date. This has to be my favorite photo above, of his birth, we all call it the I’m A-ok photo. No matter if you have a easy pregnancy or struggle with infertility, like I have nothing prepares you for the moment you hear your baby cry. That sound is unfathomable and no one can prepare you for those overwhelming feelings and emotions you have once you hear it. That sound can bring grown adult to tears within seconds! I’m not sure if it is the sweet innocence or just a relief of victory but it is by far the best feeling in the world!

I can still remember his little kicks and him moving around in my belly. I can remember picking out his name. I can remember what he looked like in his crib. I remember him “cherping” while he drank a bottle. And now he can run circles around me with his endless bouts of energy. He is my little man, my greatest and best life’s accomplishment. I am so thankful to share his birth story because it truly reminds me of what we have made it through! 

Thank you all for sharing in this gift we have and seeing him develop! Thank you to Stork OTC for allowing me the stage to share our ups and downs with infertility. I have a few posts you might also find interesting as well, “Trying to Conceive”. Anyone out there going through infertility or if you have experienced a miscarriage or ectopic pregnancy know you are not alone! There are some amazing resources you can find on their website I encourage you to check them out, example: How to support someone” etc. Talk to someone if not in your personal life, a doctor or even online friends you make in the different groups offered for people going through the same thing. It really helped me through the process and I truly believe it is what inevitably allowed me to have my son. The support was life changing and could not stress it enough just talk!


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  1. 518nymammaof2
    February 22, 2017 / 3:16 am

    So happy you got your miracle baby! What an inspiring story!