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10 Books for Boys Age 4-7

At a very young age you could find me snuggled up somewhere immersed in the dusty pages of some book reading. Being a parent I wanted to pass down that love of reading to my son. Interestingly enough not many parents actually sit down and read to their children anymore. If you do, THANK YOU! Even if you DO read to your child the selection of books can be a bit overwhelming. Here are some great books for boys I found that work wonders in the imagination realm and I believe truly gave my son the love of reading bug.

1. The Harry Potter Series- This may seem a shock considering it is far advanced and more “young adult” but I have good reasons. Children love imagination and fantasy. I read these books to my son and he has had a love the wizarding world ever since! Now, he reads them on his own from age 6!

2. Dr. Seuss Learning Library books- These are hard to find usually specialty stores carry them or Amazon. They teach educational facts through catchy rhymes.

3. Chronicles of Narnia- again back t the Fantasy realm. I loved these as a kid and reading a chapter a night to my son really let him explore different worlds. He loved the Lion, the witch and the wardrobe!

4. The Goosebumps series, Magic School House and Black Lagoon series I am going to lump together. They are short stories, easy to read and they even house some illustrations to keep children entertained. 

5. Froggy Series. This is right around the level 1 age group. Even though these are SUPER easy to read and get through my son to this day still LOVES them. 

6. Diary of a Whimpy kid is on the older side of the spectrum again. My son has not taken to this serious as much as some of his classmates. I will say though it is great for kids his age because it talks about school, bullies, friendships etc.

7. National Geographic almanacs-Book of heroes and heroinesespecially! Talk about a great way to see their favorite charters brought to life by learning things about them. I love educational books mixed with fun so they do not even know they are learning things!

8. “There was an old lady” series. These are funny, cute and they rhyme. Something about quarky rhyming books keep my son and nephew entertained for ever!

9. A light in the Attic- Oldie but a goody right here. Does anyone read poetry anymore? Well, you should it helps children learn HOW to dynamically read. To pause for comas etc.

10. Encyclopedia brown- If you can find these grab them. I love twist endings and fun mystery books. These even house different endings depending on what you (the reader) chooses. Also The Boone series by John Grishman is rather good but that is more geared towards young adults…


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  1. Janet
    February 10, 2017 / 5:47 pm

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