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Lets Celebrate with ONE HOPE Sparkle Wine

 We love purchasing some of our favorite bubbly beverages to enjoy throughout the year. I was first introduced to all things Champagne from a friend of mine who calls them her life line! Personally, I always stayed on the sweeter side of things and never experimented with anything. I am more of a plain Jane, once I like something I stick with it forever. Until I discovered Prosecco, hook line and sinker I started to explore bubbly beverages and have not once looked back!

 Meet my new lush affair, ONEHOPE California Sparkling Wine in only the most spectacular Sparkly bottle EVER! I may just be my new indulgence on those cold winter nights when the weather is subzero and all one can really do is cozy up inside with a bubbly beverage and binge watch Netflix!

The taste you ask? With a quick sniff of the aroma you will get sweet fruits with a hint of just picked freshness. Crisp, intriguing fresh fruit reminiscent of succulent peach, sweet berries and pear linger on the palate, finishing with creamy and refreshing bubbles. Combine that with the flavor and rich sparkle of bubbles and even your critical friends will falter at its deliciousness! I have created several fun mixers with this along with some of the other wines they feature. ONEHOPE has so many options to choose form it really is hard not to take some time and experience them all!

I just want to take a moment and say I still LOVE my ice wines and they hold a very special place in my heart. However, if was attending a special occasion or when we rang in the New Year with was my go-to Sparkle bombshell I popped open and shared!