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Blue Apron Wine Box Review

Blue Apron food and Wine Box

 I received a free product to facilitate my review. I was not required to write a positive review nor was I compensated in any other way. The opinions I have expressed are my own. I am disclosing this in accordance with the FTC Regulations.

 I have seen so many advertisements for subscription box meals…they are everywhere. As a mother, wife and lady boss I find this very intriguing. At first I am not going to lie, I was a bit put off. How dare people be so lazy to not go grocery shopping and make up meals on their own! Then LIFE happened! I realized I needed help to make our family run smoothly. In truth this Mom needs a break from Grocery shopping AND cooking breakfast, lunch, dinner 365 days a year! I researched the inter-webs and found Blue Apron and decided to try it out! Enjoy my full Blue Apron Meal and Wine Box Review.

Blue Apron

Now, before you give some serious hate I still LOVE cooking. I do NOT however like driving in sub zero temperatures and lugging bags of food through mounds of snow. The whole idea of picking meals and having them send me the ingredients really appealed to me. My family still can enjoy my home cooking but NEW dishes. Trying out new foods and seeing if we enjoy them AND I did not have to do all the work because it was sent to my door? Why have I waited so long to jump on this bandwagon? Seriously, talk about convenience! Our first meal we tried the Steaks with Green peppercorn sauce, Potatoes and steamed Kale picture above. Do I even need to explain to you how well that went over in my house? My family LOVED it and my son realized he love Kale!!! Spot on easy to make and tasted mouth watering delicious (serious that steak hands down amazing)!

Blue Apron wine box

 The next meal we attempted was the Fresh Linguine Pasta… Ok I should have known trying to much right out of the gate could potentially end badly. This meal did NOT go over well. Not because of the recipe or any fault to Blue Apron. We all realized that we do not enjoy fennel.  My son LOVES every fruit and vegetable we have put in front of him. It has seriously become almost a challenge to find some he doesn’t like…well I finally have. If you enjoy fennel then I would recommend but for our personal taste buds this was not a hit.

Grilled Pesto Sandwich

Last up I choose these Grilled pesto sandwiches. I made these for a little birthday celebration we had around lunch time. I wanted easy to create finger foods for the party and these puppies did the trick.  When We order this box again….I hope they offer these because the roasted walnuts mixed with the cheese. Oh. my word why did I never think of that???YUM! My son also loved the revamping of his beloved grilled cheese. Another WIN for Mom.

Blue Apron Wine Box Review

Speaking of Mom…let’s move to my favorite part, what I like to call  “Mom juice”. A great meal becomes an incredible meal when paired with the right wine. Yes, these delicious meals were paired with a Blue Apron wine box. I personally prefer the sweeter side of wines so it was nice to try new ones. Each come with a informational card detailing their history and regional tastes. The wine box is also a subscription you can indulge monthly in. With the price they equal out to be $10 a bottle and that my friends is rather cheap considering what you get!

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Overall, our experiences with Blue Apron were very enjoyable and this Mom will be taking advantage of these meal delights again. I love creating new recipes and trying new things. They also offer more traditional meals but I like living on the wild side! Did you find this Blue Apron Wine Box Review useful?