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Holiday Penguin School Treats

 Every year my son has a Christmas party at school. Come to think of it every Holiday they tend to have a fun party the kids enjoy before they go on a school break. This year was rather interesting coming up with something homemade he could hand out to his class mates without breaking the bank. I also wanted something he could craft himself rather then leave it to dear old Mom who already has a Santa list a mile long of things to get done! 

We came up with Holiday Penguin School Treats for his classmates!

These are SUPER easy to make!!

What you will need:

Sandwich bags

Construction paper (black & White)

Scissors ( I also used a creative cut pair)


Orange marker

Google eyes ( found those at Dollar tree)

Treats (We used sugar free peppermints)

 First I cut black strips of paper the width of the sandwich bag tops. They a cut the same shape White just added a curved top you can see above. He sat and drew the nose with a marker.

As he fished out eyes I glued them on. I also cut a creative border on the bottom of the black rectangle pieces to give it a festive look!

 We let them dry about 5 or so at a time. This helped keep a steady flow and we did not get bored with the same job over and over again.

 We placed equal amounts of treats in the bag along with a “Merry Christmas” tag. I simply stapled the penguin parts together securing the bag. 

These are so easy to make and were a HUGE hit at my sons Christmas Party!

Do you send treats to school with your kids?