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Game night with the Mouth Guard Challenge

 We have always enjoyed a good game night. Actually games are a large part of our lives. Waiting for school to start, pull out some cards and play a quick game. Have a bunch of friends over, pull out a game and enjoy some light competition as our children play. After a long work week I think we all needed some fun in our household. I posted we were having a game night on Facebook and started cleaning out house. Browsing the interwebs I came across this fun game, Mouth Guard Challenge. I knew after a few festive beverages my friends and family might just like to unwind and have a spot of fun together playing this!

I was provided a free game to try out and review. All opinions of the game are my own.

 First off it comes with “Mouth Guards”. Much like the game name would suggest but perhaps looking at them in the packaging does them no justice. Once you put one of these bad boys in your mouth holy crow you have to have some serious poker faces not to bust out laughing at one another.

Think these guards are funny? Try speaking a sentence and have other guess what you are saying. Think that sounds pretty easy? Try singing with it in.

 Oh yeah right about the time I was singing the “Seasame Street” theme song I realized just how captivating this game was. Not only did it get grown adults to try something new but they were all laughing histarically!

And that my friend is what you need after a long work week! Laughter amoungst family and friends. Jump on the bandwagon and get this the Mouth Guard Challenge game. If not for you for all your friends you would love to see wearing these festive mouth gear pieces during Holiday parties!