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10 ways to enjoy the Holidays with your Love

 December is a time to enjoy your family and appreciate the time and memories you have with them. I love this festive time of year. Sparkly lights line window displays as the crackling of “All I want for Christmas” plays in the distance. You know what else the Holiday season is good for? Mistletoe! Yeah, you read that right. For years I dreamed of a day I would meet “THE ONE” and settle down. Those days have come and now after four years of marriage, I keep the spark alive especially during the BUSY Holiday season. Grab some egg nog and read 10 ways to enjoy the Holidays with your Love!

This post was in collaboration with Adam & Eve. All opinions expressed are my own.

10. Place some mistletoe in someone you loves stocking. I would recommend one of these playful stockings

9. Play in the Snow together. Sounds silly especially if you are NOT with the kids but trust me laughing together can be so irresistibly passionate. 

8. Wrap gifts together. Pretty easy to do considering and let me tell you it can truly make you appreciate each others families as you sift through what you got each of them.

7. Enjoy eating fancy chocolates you wouldn’t give the kids! You know the one’s you hide in a undisclosed area for those moments you NEED a sweet.

6. Mix a new cocktail together. Need some suggestions: Eggnog and my personal favorite Tom & Jerry’s.

5. Play an adult game. Oh, nothing says let’s break out the Mistletoe then getting your competitive juices a flowing.

4. Replace your nightly movie or TV show schedule with some chatting listening to “Fireplace” on Netflix. I love sitting by the “fire” listening to crackles or light Christmas music and talking about our day.

3. Enjoy some Giving Back activity together. There are so many great ways you can do this and it really is humbling! 

2. Invite other couples over for some drinks and game night fun. Trust me you WILL appreciate your partner after listening to other couples compete with one another. I KNOW I do!

1. Kiss your sweetheart under Mistletoe!


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