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10 Ways to Ignite a Romantic Spark

I love going out on date nights with my spouse! Not to often do we get the chance but it is something we enjoy. You learn a lot about your spouse and other relationships around you! I have personally watched couples spend an entire meal looking at their phones, not talking to one another? Not talking to your spouse does not necessarily mean you’re in a bad relationship. It might mean the spark has gone dim! Let’s change that and ignite that spark!!

This post is in collaboration with Adam&Eve. All opinions are my own.

1. Reinstate date night! This is such a wonderful way to separate “Parent” life and life with your spouse!!

I have a list of great ways to do this so take a peek here.

2.Initiate flirting. I am not saying flirt with an end game in mind. Let’s be honest if the spark has dimmed pressuring an end game is NOT going to get you that said end game. Flirt! It is easy to do and so much fun!

2. Share dessert! I am a firm believer in dessert. It is something you can choose together. It can be so intimate because most desserts are not large in size. Plus, it is sweet and worth every flirting bite! 

4. Pop open some bubbly. No really drinking wine, beer or champagne was always meant for a social gathering. Enjoy a drink with your loved one and talk about the stress of your day.

5. Change topics! Sometimes I do NOT want to hear one more negative thing! I am all for venting but some days you just have to know when to CHANGE the subject and move on.

6. Hold hands. Physical touch has always been a main determinate in my life for “Sparks”. I think most females would agree feeling appreciated, loved and courted feels good. If done properly this really does remind us of why we are with our spouses in the first place.

7. Let yourself be intimate with your partner. It can be rough working, parenting, keeping up with the house, bill etc. Give yourself a break and enjoy your partner. This should never feel like a “chore”. 

8. Shop around for some fun! I love changing my routine up! How about 50% and Free Shipping at Adam & Eve to help you out?

9. Laugh together. I know in hard times we cry together but we should also laugh together. I often run to my girlfriends and vent instead of my spouse. Although this is a great way to get things off my mind I need to remember my spouse is equally important. They should be my overall confident and embrace my ups and downs!

10. Have fun together. Sometimes are spark is weighed down my materialistic/environmental things around us. Loss of job, tragic natural event, bills we all need to remember you are in it together. Stop and enjoy moments of happiness together because it is how  we can get through the the hard times, TOGETHER!