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FREE Kid Activity at Disney World

 We had never been to Disney World until this past year. It was a trip I had been planning for like so many families do. We decided to focus most of our time in the Magical Kingdom. I researched and tried to get the tips, tricks and behind the scenes sense of what to expect before visiting. However, Once in Adventureland we came across this FREE kid activity that sent us treasure hunting for the afternoon.

It all started with this cobra snake…. Ha (fake, it’s fake)! We saw a family activate it and my son LOVES cobra snakes. Being he curious Mom I had to ask: “How did you do that?” Luckily the Mom graciously pointed us in the the direction of a small building to inquire about a said “treasure hunt”.

 As we escorted our excited six year old in the small building we saw these displays of maps against the wall. I was certainly intrigued at this point!!

“Captain Jack be needin’ yer help to raid 5 treasures hidden throughout Adventureland. So make yer way o’er to The Crow’s Nest and get yer hands on a magic talisman—ye won’t be able to read the 5 maps without it. Then, and only then, will ye be able to help Jack complete each unforgettable mission.

Heads You Lose: Race against Captain Barbossa to steal the Treasure of the Pacific from a tribe of headhunters.

Guardian’s Curse: Lure an evil British Captain into a trap and lay claim to the Treasure of the Indian Ocean.

Haven Defense: Collect ingredients for a powerful spell to hide the secret Pirate port and reveal the Treasure of the Caribbean.

A King’s Ransom: Follow Jack’s clues to locate a pirate ship where the Treasure of the Arctic is hidden.

Blackbeard: Battle Blackbeard and win the Treasure of the Mediterranean.

Savvy? Then pull ye self up by yer boostraps and come along for the kinds of quests only the high seas have to offer—X marks the spot, ya seadogs”!  To start simply answer a few questions on the screen and VOLA you are handed a Treasure map and a Medallion. The Medallion is the star fish looking thing above.

Each Map is different and requires you to go around the park in search of different markings. As you can see they have several: ” sparrow, swords, lions etc”.  Find these markings and lay your medallion upon it.

 Each location activates a different experience. Some rise, fire canons, spray you with water etc. This is such a fun exploration activity for kids and adults. You have to learn how to navigate a map which can sometimes be tricky (let me tell you, Ha). 

Overall this was a great activity you could do for a while or come back and do throughout the day! It was such a great break from waiting in long lines. Let us know if you have ever done these in the comments below!!