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Recipe: Campfire BBQ Ribs

Are you ready to make the best BBQ ribs for Summer time? 

These are fingering licking good!

What you will need:

3-4tbs. Chiavetta’s

1 bottle of BBQ sauce

Rack of ribs

Couple shakes of Parsley

Couple shakes of Paprika

Mix the sauces and spices in a bowl and add the rack of ribs. 

I let this marinade for about an hour.

You can cook this on a bed of coals or along the outside away from the flames. 

Place the rib side towards the coals first.

I cooked these ribs over coals and away from the direct flames.

Continue rubbing your BBQ mixture. 

This helps keep the flavors in and the meat from drying out.

If you have sides to cook on the fire throw them on before you flip the rack of ribs.

Once the underside has cooked get ready to flip.

Now if you accidentally place it over the flames you might get a little black coloring like this BUT that is why I always cook the rib side first!

This side generally cooks fast. Just reapply BBQ and then take off the heat.

Cut the ribs, serve and enjoy!