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My Summer Mom Hack: HP Instant Ink

HP has been my go-to Mom hack for the Summer! I signed up for the HP Instant Ink program and never looked back…

 The kiddos birthdays are during the summer along with other family members. It is the season of weddings, family reunions, social parties and the occasional graduation party! I cannot imagine having to go to the store and constantly buy supplies, cards, invites, photo inspired gifts now that I have been reaping the benefits of completing all this from the comforts of my OWN home!

What is HP Instant Ink you ask? A convenient service that keeps track of your printer ink levels and sends ink when you are low accordingly. I choose the $2.99 a month plan (they have several different choices). In my head I broke it down like so:

$2.99 a month X 12 Months= $35.88 a year 

This is less than ONE of my printer cartridges in the store! Not to mention the gas to and from to get ink when we are “low” or out of ink.

This post is in collaboration with HP. I was not required to write a positive review. The opinions I have expressed are my own. I am disclosing this in accordance with the FTC Regulations.

I have taken full advantage of this service that I could not speak enough about it. Saving money has never been more important with the ever changing economy. Plus, I can create wonderful photo inspired gifts from home without spending tons of money, time or effort!

Check out these wonderful light house photos we have been collecting above. My son plans to create a accent wall with them. It cost me nothing extra to create this! Plus, by using the MyPrintly app we could create fun time, dates and locations on these photos to remember them on by later on in the future.

Interested in Instant Ink? It is SUPER easy to sign up!

1. Sign up is easy check it out here: HP Instant Ink. If you find you aren’t printing as much as you thought, or if you are printing way more that what you anticipated, it’s easy to manage your account and change your plan at any time. 

2. Your pages roll over so you don’t have to worry about printing an exact number of pages. I started at the lowest plan and it seems to fit our family just fine. It works out to be less money then buying ink cartridges in a store! 

3. If you want to know how many pages you have left in a month, you can check online. You can also change your plan or cancel at any time. I have been printing our photos at home for sometime now. It has become so convenient, saves me so much time and money. If you are interested here is a code: “SCHOOL3” for 3 FREE Months just sign up here: HP Instant Ink.