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Last minute trip with Groupon


Today has been rather exciting around here! My friends, who home school and travel the world in their RV, have finally pulled into a campsite near us in New York. After following their travels from Tennessee up the East coast I am so excited to have them here with us. What do you show people who have never been to your town? Talk about pressure, luckily for me, I have Groupon to back me up. I quickly typed in our surrounding areas and found tons of places to eat and activities to go and do for inexpensive!

This is a sponsored post. All opinions are mine.

 The first place that caught my eye was the Buffalo Naval Museum. Since her family lived the military life I thought it would be neat to bring her children and mine to the ships they use. Let them walk around and learn as they explore. The best part? 

You can explore and walk through a REAL submarine, talk about brownie points! I am so happy I suggested this because it was a full day of fun for all of us.

Using Groupon, saves you money on more than just events and experiences! We found all sorts of discounts on restaurants too!

What do you use Groupon for?