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Enjoy Watkins Glen, New York

“You get educated by traveling”. ~Solange Knowles

Enjoy Hector Falls

Part of being a traveler is experiencing new places. This past weekend we ventured to Watkins Glen, New York for the first time. It is located in the western part of the state accommodating thousands of people every season for Camping, Hiking and Racing. There are so many great things to visit, experience and do here are just a few! I am sure I will add more to my list the more we visit. 

We decided to enjoy the comforts of a newly remodeled lakefront cabin at Single Island Shores. There are several Bed and Breakfasts throughout the Wine trail but many do not allow children. Enjoying a completely furnished cabin was so convenient with my family. We enjoyed coffee on the deck over looking Lake Seneca or sunsets at night. These cabins are so incredibly welcoming you will not want to leave once you stay a night! Enjoy luxury towels and down comforters for a restful night sleep after walking the wine trails and State parks!

The first day we visited downtown Watkins Glen we headed to the State Park. I would recommend getting there early (they open dawn until dusk)! This will help you find parking and beat the crowds of people who flock to capture and hike the Waterfall trails. Did I mention this particular Park houses 19 waterfalls? Walk under, around and next these wonderful creations of nature. After you are done wandering the 3 mile trial take a dip in the Olympic sized swimming pool!

Walk the town. The community is so inviting and right out of a movie. The streets cater to pedestrians and you can walk from store to restaurant to piers with ease. They also have several murals to look at and capture. They also host several races here if you are a fan! 

Explore Hannah Glen Park which houses the Eagle cliff Falls. After trekking the trails at the State Park I was reluctant this would offer something new. I was pleasantly wrong! This amazing waterfalls is tucked back behind a campground area. We enjoyed out time here so much we went back several times to enjoy the 41 foot drop of rushing water. 

Enjoy Lake Seneca. I wish we had more time to really enjoy this lake to fullest. We saw paddle boards, people canoeing, swimming and just overall having fun on the water. After taking a boat ride we quickly realized this area is a place you could visit several times and still not see and do everything here! I hope our next visit will include one of the amazing tour cruises we saw go past our cabin!

Wine, Stop and Shop! We found some of the most unique shops while enjoying the Wine trail. Wood carvers, metal shops and this lovely gem, Sky Land! It houses a collection of artisan creations including a wooden spiral staircase. I love all the intricate displays and craftsmanship. I also enjoyed the homemade dips we purchased!

If you are interested in visiting the area visit the Watkins Glen Chamber they do a great job of putting a trip together! 

We will be returning to the area very soon and would love more suggestions! Comment below with great places to eat, see and experience on our next trip. You can follow our travels on Instagram!


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  1. DIYDanielle
    August 12, 2016 / 1:49 am

    Those waterfalls are gorgeous! Thanks for linking up at #SustainableSundays!